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    IQAS ECA new form

    Hi, In latest IQAS application, there is no option to upload marksheets and there is option to upload only degree and passport. I wanted to upload the screenshot here as well, but I couldn't saw option to insert image from storage. Anybody submitted there application with IQAS, please confirm...
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    ECA (Important)

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, that is the main concern. I will have 7 less CRS points if I go with WES, which is crucial (469 points vs 462 points). Should I go with any other agency? Any opinion on that?
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    ECA (Important)

    Hi Guys, I am having a lot of confusion regarding this, so I decided to ask this here. Please help if you can - I am from India and have completed my B.Com and MBA both distance learning. For ECA, which authority should I choose? WES or IQAS or any other? Note - As per the WES equivalency...