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    IRCC letter received after submitting post graduation work permit application (WP-EXT for PGWP)

    Hi all, Apparently, I unintentionally worked without authorization from the date I received my credential completion letter (Feb 2) (the day I completed my study) till the day I gathered from my university's international student office that I should stop working (March 26) and apply for my...
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    Can I open a sole proprietorship business in Canada on a study permit

    I am studying for a PhD programme and after doing an internship for a US company, I've been asked by the company to be engaged as an independent contractor from Canada (after my internship with the company). My question: is it allowed for international students to open a sole proprietorship...
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    Medical report for Post-graduation work permit

    Hi everyone, I'm applying for my pgwp and realized a medical report (or proof of an appointment for one is required). Does anyone know if the report submitted for a PR can be submitted instead?
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    Current processing time for postgraduation work visa

    Hi all, I know it says 50 days online but sometimes (in my experience) can be faster. Did anyone recently apply for post graduation work permit from inside Canada? I want to apply for mine and need to know the current processing time (to help with some decision). I recently completed a phd...
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    What next after 'review of eligibility'

    For those that have passed this stage, what comes next after Review of Eligibility. I have been asked to send an updated Schedule A (within 7 days) and I see that my status is showing that I am at 'eligibility check.' This is for those inside Canada (CEC).
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    Applying for post graduation work permit

    Hi All, My university just told me I was supposed to have stopped working on the date I got a letter of completion of my doctoral programme. Sadly, I didn't know - I felt I can continue my part time work since my study permit is still valid. I was told that my continued work up till the day I...
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    Request to send an updated Schedule A form

    Wondering if anyone has got the same letter/if anyone knows what this could mean/imply. We applied last year October (Oct 22, 2020) for our PR (Federal Skilled Worker). We have been living in Canada. We got a letter last week to send an updated Schedule A form and to ensure no gap is left...
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    Visa approval with first semester tuition paid in full

    Hi All, Does anyone know if my visa can be approved this time around if I pay first semester tuition (2100 CAD) in full. A friend in Canada actually assisted with paying this and I have my bank account blocked (borrowed money to put in my account) for over 4 months. I was denied when I first...
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    Can I appeal CIC refusal decision

    Hi Everyone, Wondering if I can appeal CIC refusal decision (despite the decision letter saying the decision is final).
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    Difference between security and background checks

    Hi All, I called a CIC agent last week to inquire why my application is taking longer than necessary. Part of the discussion was that my background check has been completed and that I'm awaiting security check. Any idea what the difference between the two is please. Also, I was wondering if a...
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    Bank statement for my 70 year old step dad's visit

    Hi All, Should I be concerned with the use of a 31 day bank statement for my step fathers' visit to Canada. His bank statement shows transaction of 1 year up till Feb 28, but I only submitted the application on March 29. Thanks.
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    CIC number to call from France

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has the right cic number to call outside Canada. Im temporarily outside Canada and would like to ask about my EE application as its past 6 months now. Thanks.
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    ordering GCMs note

    Hi All, Is there any negative impacts from ordering a GCM note. My application (CEC) is now over 6 months - 6 months 11 days - and wondering what the delay could be/what could happen next... Thanks.
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    changing address

    Hi Everyone, I am still awaiting emails from CIC (now 6 months, 11 days), but recently left Canada for France. Wondering if anyone knows how to contact CIC to determine specifically how to do my change of address. I wanted to use the web form but it's asking me to specify which of the CIC...
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    Inviting someone to visit me in canada

    Hi all, My mother's sister is interested in visiting me. Do you think her visa will be approved. I am on a study permit and my mother is presently with us. Chris.
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    Has anyone done biometrics in the US?

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone by chance has successfully done his biometrics in the US. Specifically, I'd like to know if such person was able to do it in one of the US biometics centres which is not listed in the link from CIC. In my case, Seattle is the closest to me, but this is not on CIC...
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    Biometrics collection in the US for people residing in Canada

    Hi All, I've been asked by CIC to go outside Canada to do my biometrics. Just wondering if anyone has successfully done this in the US (i.e., travel to the US from Canada). CIC states the below: "If you are already legally in the United States, you may go to a United States Citizenship and...
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    Fingerprinting request - a thing of joy or worry?

    Hi All, After I have passed medicals, CIC just sent me a letter requesting that my fingerprints be collected. I understand this is a new request from immigrants. Wondering if this brings me closer to my PR card - or it is just the start of the background check. Will this mean past employers...
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    Letter requesting biometrics - after passing medicals

    Hi All, As part of our Express Entry (EE) application, under CEC, my spouse has been asked to go for his biometrics - despite living in Canada. I was wondering why I (the main applicant) was not asked. Though we made our EE application while he was in the US for an internship, he's now in...
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    Current processing time for TRV for current student in Canada

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone recently applied for TRV extension as a current student in Canada. I know one can check it here ( but wondering which of the two I need to check...