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  1. HandInHandVII

    CPC Missisagua Closed Due to COVID-19?

    Hello All, We are filing under Spousal Sponsorship INLAND and our application was supposed to be there Monday March 16th. We got a call today from FedEx stating that they were unable to deliver and that there was a sign on the door at CPC Missisagua (at 2 Robert Speck Parkway) saying that they...
  2. HandInHandVII

    *** March 2020 INLAND Spouse Sponsorship ***

    New thread for March 2020 INLAND Spouse Sponsorship!! :)
  3. HandInHandVII

    Inland Spouse Visa OWP: Correct form?

    Hello, We are currently 90% done with our Inland Spouse Visa and we are a bit confused about the OWP application. Any help would be appreciated. 1.) Is the OWP for an Inland Spouse Visa (spouse is a Canadian Citizen) form IMM 1295? On the form its titled, "Application for Work Permit OUTSIDE...