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    Landing by Car in different province from nominating province

    Dear All, Did anyone face this situation before ? I understand it is quiet common to do landing by flight in different province from nominating province due to no direct flight or even cheaper flight , however you have evidence through your flight ticket that you are heading to the...
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    Urgent : passport bio page only or include visas and stamps ?

    Dear All, I submitted my application for PR last month , during the application the requirement for passport was only Bio page Today in whatsapp group , a new member was asking about blank pages in addition to stamp and visa pages in passport , we noticed that the requirement in MyCIC has...
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    CIC is violating the Ministerial Instructions we have the right to know our Rank

    Dear All, I remember when i first read through the Express entry , it clearly stated that we shall know our Rank . Now because i am fed of lack of transparency from CIC , i searched for it and i found it 33. (1) A...
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    13 June Results

    Dear All, I took my exam on June 13 , but i can't get my results online , i am sure i entered all my details correctly , anyone facing same issue
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    Police report in USA , FBI

    Hi All, I wonder if anyone got FBI police report recently ? how long did it take to receive the report after credit card was charged ? Appreciate your time
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    CIC Must post some information before Draw

    Like everyone in the forum i am counting the minutes waiting for the draw however as i am searching i found that CIC must post information before the Draw , hence i don't think the draw will be executed this week as per CIC /express-entry/draws.asp "ITA draws will be made from the...
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    CELPIP Score Report

    Dear All, I just got the English CELPIP exam results online , i was wondering if anyone took the exam and can advise how the score report look like physically . i need to catch the draw of January and EE profile requires Test report number. Would anybody be able to guess the formula for test...