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    admission to masters and visa after 3 years of bachelors

    hello, i have heard from someone that it is allegedly impossible to get admission to 2-year master programs if you completed a 3-year long bachelor's, is this true? even if i graduate from a well-ranked university in Europe? and the other thing was, even if you get admitted to a masters program...
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    WES only verify the highest degree- is this true

    hello, does the WES only verify the highest degree? i came across a post from 2018 on this site, it says that WES only verifies the highest degree. To my knowledge that is not true WES verifies all kinds of foreign degrees, when you have a bachelor's and masters from a foreign institution they...
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    studying public health or health administration after psychology-would my visa get denied

    Hello, as i heard from some people on the internet, student visa applications might get refusals if the chosen master program is different from the bachelor's. However, i think public health is related to psychology since they both are about well-being and health. Also, public health programs...
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    is 2 years of work experience a requirement for admission to a post grad diploma program

    I saw that on a website, i have never heard something like that before.. is this true?
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    certificate of qualification from a Canadian province

    hello in which fields a certificate of qualification is necessary? thank you
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    Hello, While i was on Twitter i saw a tweet about certificate programs. There he listed OND and HND as a certificate program. I have never heard of these terms before, and after a little googling i have learned that HND could be equal to a bachelor's degree and might make you eligible for a...
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    program differences in colleges

    Hello, i did a little research about available programs at colleges. There are diplomas (2 year), advance diplomas (3 year), bachelor degrees (4 year), and post-graduate certificates (1 year). so my questions are, 1) is it logical to do a 2 year diploma program after doing a bachelor's? would it...
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    Hello, are all European universities eligible to get ECA accreditation? and are all top 200 ranked universities would be eligible for ECA as well? thank you
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    CRS score

    hello when calculating the CRS score, the 4th question is to enter the highest degree you earned abroad or in canada. If i did my bachelor's outside of Canada and completed a 2-year post-grad diploma program in Canada, what am I supposed to select? when i select ''2-year program at a uni...
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    will the immigration process get harder over time?

    hello, i know no one can be sure about this since nearly every year new regulations are made but i would like to ask your opinion if you are knowledgeable about the Canadian government and politics. Do you think they will renounce the express entry system in 3-4 years? or will they make it...
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    which colleges would you recommend?

    hello, there are so many colleges available but most of them (the private) ones are not eligible for PGWP. Which colleges would you recommend? thanks
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    which programs can i study at college after psychology bachelor's

    hello, what can i study at a college after my bachelors in psychology? there are many job oriented post-grad diploma programs at colleges but I can not find one related to psychology other than HR
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    in how many months did you receive your visa?

    hello friends, in how many weeks or months did you receive your student visa? I'm especially asking for those from TR thank you
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    will the visa procedure catch up after this date?

    hello, if I apply to a college this week and immediately apply for a student visa, what are the chances of my visa getting delayed? or even refused? thank you
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    Studying at a college in Canada without a bachelor degree and finding a full time job afterwards

    Hello friends, I graduated from high school this year and I'm in dilemma between going to a college for a 2-year program or studying bachelor's in a different country and then going for a 2 year long advanced diploma program at a college in Canada. Which one would you guys recommend? My...
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    can i apply to pnp after graduating from a college in ontario

    Can I get a PNP after studying at a college in Ontario in a 2-year advanced diploma program?
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    PNP vs Express entry

    Hello friends, see me as a graduate of a 2-year diploma program from a college in Ontario, is it possible to get PNP or Express entry after my studies? how are my chances to find a full-time job (at least 30h a week) after graduation? since it is a requirement to apply for express entry note...
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    job opportunities after studying psychology

    hello, the employment opportunities for psychology graduates differ drastically by country, and I do not know much about the job market in Canada. If I graduate with a master's in any psychology field (I'm not sure about which field of psychology I will go into for my masters) what kind of jobs...
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    working as a clinical psychologist or psychologist in general

    Hello, does any of you know the route to be a clinical psychologist? do I need a PhD? can I work at nursing facilities or orphanages as a psychologist w/o PhD? thanks
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    studying psychology

    Hello, does any of you know the route to be a clinical psychologist? do I need a PhD? can I work at nursing facilities or orphanages as a psychologist w/o PhD? thanks