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  1. simplynd2804

    Should I be worried .??

    So I had done my upfront medical on 3rd December, and I got a call today from the doctor to visit again and She gave me an appointment on 17th.? Usually I never heard CIC doctor requiring another visit and Doc said nothing why she wants me to come back. She just said she wants to go over few...
  2. simplynd2804

    Foreign Exp, Didn't show in study permit Can I use that in EE?

    Hi All, When I initially came to Canada on Study permit, I didn't provided information about foreign work experience when applying for study permit. I have also applied for co-op and PGWP those application didn't contain foreign work details as well, so If I were to use that experience now as...
  3. simplynd2804

    EE Profile - Work History Question

    Hi Guys, I have couple of question about filing my EE profile and specifically around work history. 1. under work history the first section is occupation where you have two question. First one is Primary occupation (4 digit NOC Code) This means the job XYZ has experience in and wants to base...
  4. simplynd2804

    49TH DRAW ON 14TH DECEMBER <???>

    Got an email from IRCC today about new changes, technical issue and request to update profile. Important thing to note Regular invitation rounds will begin again in the coming weeks. Use these instructions to update your Express Entry profile by December 12, 2016. All CRS scores will be...
  5. simplynd2804

    Adding Spouse after AOR

    Can I include spouse in EE profile after AOR.? If I do so what will happen to my application.?
  6. simplynd2804

    Spouse Education and Work experience

    Hi All, I am not claiming points for Spouse education of work experience, so should I declare them in EE profile or leave it out and then after ITA provide those details in personal section.? Spouse education is foreign degree but I don't have ECA for it and work experience in only 11 months...
  7. simplynd2804

    GCKey Down

    any one experiencing same issue as I have.? When I click on GCKey option to login, it redirects me to cic homepage. is there any official update or news or I am the only one facing this.?
  8. simplynd2804

    Changes implemented... Please update profile to gain additional points

    International student please update your education section and provide answer to new questions. ICT, NAFTA applicants fill out Intended work section to claim your points.
  9. simplynd2804

    Work experience Confusion

    Hi All, I have confusion regarding work history section in Express entry profile. I started working at new company recently after working for 2 years in my previous company. I have reference letter from previous company for proof but I will not get any letter from new company since I am still...
  10. simplynd2804

    Employment Letter Query

    As per cic, the job must full time - permanent and duties should match on the employment letter with NOC code. I have little more then 2 years of work experience for a company which I just left. Before Leaving I requested employment letter and they provided me something which looks like below. I...
  11. simplynd2804

    Canada PCC

    Hi Guys, Can anyone please explain me the producer of getting PCC for Canada.? I checked RCMP site and there are mentioned for fingerprints, how that is related with PCC.? Also how long the PCC certificate is valid. ? Thanks in advance.
  12. simplynd2804

    Different mother name in passport and birth certificate

    My mother name is different on my passport and birth certificate. Do I have to provide letter of explanation on why it's difeerent to cic? Is there anything else I need to do or provide any additional documents/information to support the validity and correctness of both passport and birth...
  13. simplynd2804

    Work experience and study period overlapping each other

    Is it possible to have full-time work experience overlapping with duration of study? I have bachelor's degree in computer science which finished in june 2011 but I started working for a company in Nov 2010 and worked for 1 year before I came to canada. Since both my study and work is...
  14. simplynd2804

    WES from saurashtra university NEED HELP

    Hi I need help to complete for one of the degree I got from saurashtra university. if anyone here has experience doing the same can you please provide some instruction, specially for university about what documents and form I need to provide to them and where exactly and which department I...
  15. simplynd2804

    Work Experience confusion - Please help

    Hi, So I am working at a company in Toronto for almost 2 years now, I started my job as junior developer and My job title says Junior Software developer, recently They decided to promote me to Senior developer and job title will be senior software developer. So my question is should I enter...
  16. simplynd2804

    EMERGENCY : Married / Not including spouse in application / Need Advise

    Hi I am married and currently living in Canada. I have PGWP and my wife is living with me as well on Dependent Work Permit. I have created express entry profile and if I include my wife in application my CRS score is 416 and If I chose not to include her my score is much higher at 447. Soon I...