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    Registering for CNO.. some basic questions

    Hello, everyone. Don't be worried about IELTS if you haven't taken it yet. There are colleges in Ontario that offer courses for free (bursary) if you're qualified. If pass all the required courses you will be exempted from the language requirement. Your registration with CNO is completed only...
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    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Hi Qorax, How can I obtain Immunization forms for my kids? Is that necessary for adults too? Cheers buddy.
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    need help !!!

    You cannot undergo the medical examinations unless you received the special forms. Yes, you must undergo medical examinations, but you need to wait. I am sure that they'll contact you for medicals soon. If they do so, then your visa will be within your reach. There was another case somehow...
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    Can I land befaore wife and daughter?

    It depends on your visa validity. If your visa is valid you can land first and then your family. Otherwise, you must land together.
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    What is CAIPS?

    Check this :)
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    Yes, definitely. You be the main applicant serves you better.
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    chances of interview after getting Medical, RPRF and PP request from CHC, ND

    Hi Everyone, I also go for the topic. I did my medicals around 8 months ago and have not received PPR yet. I wonder what is going on behind the curtains and if an interview will be necessary. If anyone is in my shoe (have been waiting for such a long time) please come forward and share his/her...
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    After Medical

    I guess the answer is Yes. You must obtain PCC from Iraq. However, if there's a legitimate reason you cannot have it write to the CHC and wait for their response. There'll be a way out of this God willing.
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    many thanks guys!

    Take care and good luck
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    which visa office??

    The time given should be for the old (prior to 28 Feb 2008) files.
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    really confused need help from those are already working in toronto

    Rafii, I don't know what type of job or visa status you have in Dubai. But I believe the best thing to do for you is that you apply for PR visa. If you get through, take some time off from your work and go to Canada, let say 1 month at most. Try to live like a resident and not a tourist. Go...
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    senior members please help!!!!!!!!!!

    Salaam, I suggest your husband ask a friend to go the registry and ask them to issue a letter explaining the problem. If your husband is in Iran he can go to the office of Sabt e Ahval. They must be able to issue a letter explaining what has happened. Together with the letter from the Iranian...
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    Transcripts needed(In india..rupeshhari..pls help )

    Transcrpits mean your grades. Degree and transcripts are required for immigration.
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    Birth of Child

    The application fee is only 150. You should inform the CHC and when you update the forms add the newborn to.
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    time required by hrsdc

    4-6 months. In my case it was 4 months.
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    Tution fee for people with PR.

    Not only that, you ca also enjoy the financial helps from the government to study.
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    aeo letter

    If you aren't in Canada I strongly recommend you seek help from an immigration consultant. I did the same: got a job offer and then handed the things to an immigration consultant. That cost me CS 1000.
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    Processing time for singapore Visa office

    Take a look at to get a picture of the processing time in different offices.
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    Extenuating circumstance - deceased Canadian spouse?

    First of all, although very late, I am sorry for the loss. 1) Yes you do. You must qulify under one of the listed jobs regardless of having a job offer from a Canadian employer. 2) If you can prove the relationship, that I suppose you can, it would be beneficila to say your wife was and your...