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  1. simplyaddo

    please help

    A colleague at work (in Saudi Arabia) had his daughter's Study Visa approved last week. His wife also applied for a TRV to accompany their daughter and help her settle down at campus. They will be on vacation back (home) in Egypt if/when his wife get's her passport request. When picking up the...
  2. simplyaddo

    TRV from London

    You have a strong case. You need to show proofs of your financial status (employment letter, pay slips, bank statements for 4 months) and ties to UK (marriage certificate, employment leave letter, other assets, family, etc.). An invitation letter from your 'uncle' explaining your relationship...
  3. simplyaddo

    TRV Application - VFS Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

    Submitted my wife's passport at VFS Jeddah and it was back stamped in 2 days. Probably the same, give or take, for Khobar.
  4. simplyaddo

    Online application

    No, the person who wishes to receive a visa to enter Canada must apply for the visa.
  5. simplyaddo

    family information form TRV

    Expats do not have a permanent residency in Saudi, under usual circumstances (99% of the time)
  6. simplyaddo

    Mailing Passport to CIC with Canada Post on Strike

    If you are applying for a TRV, wouldn't you be applying from outside of Canada? In which case, Canada Post would not be involved. Or am I missing something here?
  7. simplyaddo

    How long to process ETA's after documents are submitted ?

    Unfortunately, there is no timeline. I know a German citizen who has his eTA pending since March, because he was asked to submit extra documents.
  8. simplyaddo

    Submitting visa application online

    If you are inviting the applicant, then include it in your invitation letter.
  9. simplyaddo

    Does status "open" means in progress?

    It is common to have no updates between being 'Open' and arriving to a final decision.
  10. simplyaddo

    Bank Statement For 6 Month Visit Visa Canada

    You will need separate applications since you are not married or in a common-law relationship. Both of you need to demonstrate strong ties to your country of residence. Proofs of employment, home ownership, lease, etc. are some ways. Both of you also need to demonstrate that you have the...
  11. simplyaddo

    Visitor Visa - Biometric were not processed/received to Canadian authorities

    Contact the Visa Application Center you submitted your biometrics as well as open a case specific inquiry and provide those details, along with a scanned copy of the proof.
  12. simplyaddo

    TRV for Fiance

    The invitation letter helps, but they look for strong ties back home and her own finances. Things like employment, property, lease, etc.
  13. simplyaddo

    Visitor's Visa Guidance

    Both status indicate that you have satisfied the requirements of submitting the biometrics. Don't worry about it.
  14. simplyaddo

    Can I sponsor my cousin for tourist visa ?

    No real requirements because there is no such thing as a 'sponsor' for a visitor visa. You can help by sending him an invitation letter, though which he can attach in his application. More info on the letter can be found here:
  15. simplyaddo

    Bank Statement For 6 Month Visit Visa Canada

    6 months is a long time, there is a strong chance you will be denied a visa. What is the purpose of your visit? What ties do you have to Pakistan? You need to prove that you will not overstay your visit.
  16. simplyaddo

    Need Help with IMM 5645E Form & Where is the Visa Office in Pakistan?

    Best bet is to visit the Canadian Visa Application Center. There are one each located in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore. You can contact them or get more info here:
  17. simplyaddo

    My Transut Visa Through Toronto Airport

    Here is a screenshot for the questionnaire where it determines if you need an eTA or a visitor visa. As you can see, based on your status of being an Egyptian passport holder who is not a permanent resident of the U.S. (green card holder, not a US visitor visa like you have), you need a 'visa'...
  18. simplyaddo


    It varies from one place to another. Contact your local visa application centre for correct information.
  19. simplyaddo

    Host proof of financial status

    There are many ways to show strong ties to one's home country. Property, investments, business, court dates, doctors' appointments, current employment, etc.
  20. simplyaddo

    TRV for Fiance

    Probably better off to apply as a tourist with a tourist's itinerary.