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  1. jickson

    Study permit + visitor visa?

    Thank you. This makes sense to me.
  2. jickson

    Study permit + visitor visa?

    Are you sure? I know a friend of mine that just applied for study permit, but she was already in Canada. Also my wife applied for work permit, but she was also in Canada. Is anyone aware of good link on IRCC website that explains this?
  3. jickson

    Study permit + visitor visa?

    Hello all, Asking for my sister in-law. She has a valid visitor visa, and now wants to study here. She has an accepted offer. Of course she needs to apply for a study permit. But does she need a new (student) visa? or the visitor visa is good enough?
  4. jickson

    Citizenship application - Wait or Application

    My two cents is that regardless of the covid-19 crisis, backlog, etc., do NOT submit an incomplete application.
  5. jickson

    Likelihood of RQ

    Definitely no reason to worry. I know people who were never employed nor in school and didn't get RQ.
  6. jickson

    Citizen for newborn born outside canada

    I've always been curious as to how this is enforced? Given how Canada doesn't record departures...
  7. jickson

    Notice to appear for verification of documents - what questions can be asked?

    I think the officer would simply ask for IDs and their passports. They can use a interpreter if they have difficulty communicating in English.
  8. jickson

    Passport Stamp Translations in Surrey

    I had Chinese stamps on my passport as well (different dates for entry/exit though), and didn't need to translate them. You should be fine.
  9. jickson

    Do you have to attach photo copies of stamped pages in the passports with your application

    I know the instructions ask for the bio page, but I did submit the copy of all pages, along with translation of the non-english/french stamps. The instructions also doesn't ask for those translations, but it is well known to be needed.
  10. jickson

    Non-english characters/letters- What to do with them

    That's a good question. I'm inclined to say write it as it appears on your passport. However, I think it's best to call IRCC and ask their opinion.
  11. jickson

    Asked to get my stamps on the passport translated during the interview

    I can't answer for OP, but it won't matter. If it is asked to be translated, then officer could not read the dates, hence could not determine if it was in the eligibility period or not. Therefore, they all need to be translated.
  12. jickson

    Passport Signature

    I don't think you'll face any issues. Signature is nowadays not really a security feature.
  13. jickson

    Urgent Citizenship Grant

  14. jickson

    Urgent Citizenship Grant

    That my job requires frequent travel to the states for training/meetings/testing...
  15. jickson

    Urgent Citizenship Grant

    In my case, I received a letter saying my request for urgent processing was not approved and it'll be processed normally. Not everyone will get it though.
  16. jickson

    Citizenship and "misrepresentation"?

    Short answer is that you're fine. You haven't misrepresented in any way (based on what you wrote here). The intention to reside was an old requirement (prior to bill C-5) and is now removed. You can attend your citizenship ceremony with a peaceful mind and enjoy your Canadian citizenship.
  17. jickson

    Citizenship - expired Ielts but I didnt use it for my pr.

    They actually didn't check the original for me. I think IRCC has access to their database and can verify applicants' IELTS results more reliably.
  18. jickson

    Flagpole day as travel outside of Canada?

    I would actually suggest you include it in the physical presence calculator. It won't count as an absence cause it's less than 24 hours. However, it makes it easier for the officer to match their records with your account of your border crossing.
  19. jickson

    Is test notice and ceremony notice sent via mail or email?

    It could be either of them. In my case, test invite came by email, and the oath invite came by mail (despite that after the interview the officer said i'll get it the same way that I got the test invite). In case of my wife, she got them both by email.
  20. jickson

    Any idea why oath date is late after DM made

    You are not a citizen until you take the oath.