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    queries regarding driving licence

    hello i am living in hamilton, ontario and i am thinking of giving driving test. how can i give g2 driving test just after giving g1 without waiting 1 year
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    Urgent query...plz rply asap

    Hello Actually i am an international student and i got enrolled in mohawk college for may2019 and now i am in hamilton. Yesterday i went for registration and they refused to do it cause i m below 18. And they asked me to submit a custodian form( where a canadian citizen or pr has to take my...
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    Willing to change the course

    What is the procedure if i want to change my course. Actually i have taken admission in mohawk college and the classes will start on 2nd of may. I am in canada now but i havnt done the registration yet. And my present course is diploma in business
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    Flight on 11th april midnight

    Does anyone have flight on 11th of april midnight from delhi to toronto. If have let me know...
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    Delhi ➡️ toronto

    Does anyone going to toronto from delhi in April.
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    Change college after reaching there

    Hello Can anyone tell me if i withdraw from mohawk college and take admission in any other college thn how much fee would be deduct from mohawk college
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    Withdraw college

    Hello everyone Can anyone tell me if i withdraw from mohawk college aftr reaching there thn how much fee will be deduct.
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    Mohawk college

    Can anyone tell me how much time mohawk college takes to issue updated LOA or defferal letter
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    Queries regarding defferal letter

    Actually i got my visa late as my classes have already started and i applied for a defferal too for the next intake But i hve heard that college takes a lot of time to issue new loa So i m lilbit worried abt that Can anyone tell me how many days usually college takes to issue updated LOA I...
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    Defferal letter

    Anyone got defferal letter for may intake
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    Got visa late

    Hello Actually i have some queries regarding my visa I applied my visa for jan intake but i got my visa late. So whats the next step to do
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    Applying for defferal letter

    Well i applied for jan intake but my visa got delayed and my classes have already started So i wanna know that if i apply fr defferal LETTER. how much time will my cllge take to issue LOA For next intake ?
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    Visa delayed

    Hello Its been more than 45 days that i havent received any information regarding visa approval. My classes have already started and the last date to drop off or deferral my admission is 18th So i want to ask some questions nd i would be really grateful if some1 replies 1) suppose if I'll...