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  1. amikety

    Landing Experience - Calgary Alberta

    Do they come with a nanny? If not, you're going to be paying me to be the nanny!!!! :P
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    Question on conditional PR

    Why can't he come back to Canada? Did he failed to meet residency requirements? I. E., was he outside Canada for more than 3 years? If his case is as long ago as you've suggested, there was no Conditional PR back then. That cannot be effecting him. The only thing that could effect him is if...
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    JANUARY 2013 Applicants - JOIN HERE!

    Interview means 1 thing - they are in question about your marriage being genuine. If they are happy with your answers, they may collect your passport. They may also send you home with it and make a decision later. It will depend on the IO and how the interview goes. Have you ordered your case...
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    Landing Experience - Calgary Alberta

    Send me a PM if you're interested with the conditions and I will let you know if it's doable.
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    Work Permit for US citizen

    Your girlfriend will need a job with a NOC code A, B, or 0. The code will be on her LMO. NOC codes are 4 digits long. "0" NOC codes begin with a 0. A = X1XXX. B = X2XX If her job falls into one of those category, you may qualify for a spousal open work permit. You will need a copy of her work...
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    A LPN may be qualified to be a live-in caregiver for an elderly or disabled person. The LCP program offers immigration through experience after 2 years.
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    Sponsoring Partner to come to Canada. Need advice.

    I applied online so it was sent to Vegreville. There was no feedback from them as far as comments, instructions. I just got my extension in the mail. And yes, they gave me a full year.
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    Yes, but you'll need to have sufficient proof you intend to settle elsewhere in Canada. That means a home outside Quebec, job offer.... the usual stuff. They still may give you a hard time - just be prepared to deal with them being strict.
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    Only certain crossings have "immigration services." You have to land at one that offers these services. For example, Del Bonita is the closest crossing to Calgary, but we have to go to Carway to land. This list should help you -make sure to pick a border crossing...
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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    It's all good. You are updated. I get extremely confused sometimes with all the different date formats :P
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    Well, I definitely think this is a big part of why CIC wants to interview him. If there is anyone else familiar with the situation, I would ask them to write a statement. His sister, definitely. If there is anyone "neutral" such as clergy or family doctor, I might ask them for a letter as well...
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    That means you will be getting your COPR soon :D
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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    As soon as you clear up some confusion for me. When were your meds done? I'm not aware of a 16th month and I doubt you did your medicals tomorrow. :P
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    How strict is Imm. Canada with sponsorship instructions?

    With how long Vergeville is taking to issue AIP these days, you may have saved yourself a second medical exam and the fees to accompany it.
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    Your husband technically does. If he's in Canada it's free. If not, it's $5. I believe he can also sign authorization for you to get the notes to make them free. But as Ivan pointed out, I don't think the notes would arrive in time. My best guess - and hopefully others will have input - is CIC...
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    If your husband from the USA? As in born, married, and divorced in the USA? I know divorces are registered in some countries, but I wasn't aware the USA was one of them. O.o Do you have any nasty emails between him and his ex discussing the divorce? Maybe that would help :P Honestly, I'm a...
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    Wow, what a busy two days in ecas! I think I've updated everyone. If I missed you, please yell at me.
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    Would I be able to enter the country?

    Well, you have already proven you aren't a genuine visitor.... No one can tell you for sure what will happen, but you can expect to be questioned about the work visa. You will need to show very strong ties to your home country.
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    HELP me PLS! Begging for answer. (WORK PERMIT when go back from US)

    As far as I understand, that US exemption is for valid single entry TRVs, not expired TRVs. You might want to verify that, because I'm not 100% sure.