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    Restrictions for PR holders on amount of time spent outside Canada

    No, you would be falling short of your residency obligation obviously. You would run the risk of getting reported each time you enter the country when you are no longer able to remain in Canada for 730 days or more before March 2022. The exact date from when you are at risk depends on how much...
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    Coronavirus impact to stay requirements

    As a landed PR, there is no requirement to demonstrate any of the things you mention. PRs can only be deemed inadmissible for a limited number of reasons, such as misrepresentation, criminality or not complying with residency obligations.
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    Coronavirus impact to stay requirements

    FYI, it appears that no formal leniency in regards to the residency obligation will be granted for the time being: "Notably, IRCC has also indicated that the physical presence requirement will not be lessened for permanent residents. This is important for permanent residents who might not be...
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    Car insurance discount with Australian no claims history

    I'm currently looking into buying a car in Ontario (GTA). Has anyone managed to obtain a discount for comprehensive insurance by using their Australian no claims history? If so, can you please let me know which insurance provider you used. Have done some research but can't seem to get a clear...
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    PR obligation

    It appears you waited more than 4 years to file an appeal, but you only had 60 days to file it. This is a very significant delay. Why did you not file for an appeal when you received the refusal in 2016? In your initial post you wrote: What was the real reason for not filing the appeal in...
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    Expired PR and Green card

    As long as you have PR status in Canada, you cannot get a visitor visa to Canada. A US green card has nothing to do with this. You can visit Canada via a land border crossing (using private transport only) even without a valid PR card. Are you in compliance with your Canadian residency obligation?
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    expired PR

    Here is a summary of what to do in this situation, and what to avoid. Note I am not affiliated with this law firm and I am not suggesting you work with them (do your own research).
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    Pr expired can sponser spouse n child

    "The Appellant applied to sponsor his spouse and child to Canada on May 11, 2016. The immigration officer assessed that application on January 27, 2017 and determined that the Appellant had not met his residency requirement. The immigration officer calculated that he had not met the 730-day...
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    Interview with IRCC (RO not met, H&C reasons thin) - possible lines of argument?

    More specifically to your questions above: 1) In general, this is not a strong argument. However, the fact that you paid taxes but didn't try to obtain any social benefits may be worthwhile pointing out. There are appeal cases where officials (obviously) took a particularly negative view when...
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    Interview with IRCC (RO not met, H&C reasons thin) - possible lines of argument?

    Here are three appeal cases of people who had applied for PR card renewal and were subsequently issued a removal order for failure to meet their RO.
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    RO - PR Renewal

    @dpenabill, I hear what you are saying and I’m sure this has been common practice, but is it possible that guidelines have recently changed? Officers shall use the date that an application is officially received in the office in the examination of residency status. Using this date does not...
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    Landing alone

    It‘s fine as long as you land before the „valid to“ date on your COPR.
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    Help Needed Urgently

    1. Don’t leave Canada or make an application to IRCC for whatever reason until in compliance with RO 2. Triple check the mailing address provided to CBSA. Who has access to the letter box? Could any letters have gotten lost? 3. Get legal advice. Explain the full details about the border...
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    Help Needed Urgently

    Were they given anything to sign, or were they given a copy of the report? Have they had an interview with the MD yet? Where was the PoE?
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    Planning ahead for PR renewal and Citizenship

    If by “complicate” you mean delays in the processing of your application: yes, this is possible because they may want to take a closer look at your application, invite you to an interview, etc. If you mean that your application will be denied: no, as long as you prove your stays in Canada and...
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    Planning ahead for PR renewal and Citizenship

    There is a chance your application may be scrutinised more closely due to your travel patterns, but this is ultimately not an issue as long as you can conclusively prove that you are complying with the residency obligation. Make sure you keep records of the following: Plane tickets to prove...
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    RO not met but wish to travel to US for 3 days

    What was that interaction like exactly? Were you sent into secondary inspection or was this at the primary inspection line? Did you reveal to them that you didn’t meet RO? This is important because it may increase your risk to be questioned when you return next time. Also, which PoE was this...
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    RO not met but wish to travel to US for 3 days

    Well, a starting point would be how you managed to get into the country previously as you would have already been short of the RO when you returned to Canada. Also, when you did return last time or the previous times, where you in any way questioned about your RO compliance? Because if so...
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    PR Obligations- Short of 60 Days

    Yes and no. The first thing to realize is that the residency obligation calculation and the PR card cycle are not directly linked. It works like this: Every time you are being examined for your compliance with the RO, you must demonstrate that you have spent 730 days in Canada in the five...