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    Proving strongs ties to Home country

    I would be applying for a study permit soon. Are these sufficient ties to my home country? 1. I am married with no kids 2. My wife would not be accompanying me to Canada 3. I would obtain a letter from a prospective employer to prove my employ-ability upon completion of the Masters degree...
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    Applying for Study permit from Nigeria

    Hi guys, I'm about to apply for a study permit here in Lagos Nigeria. I've visited but there is no country specific information. I would like to know the typical process and documents to be included in the study permit application specific to Nigeria or is it standard across...
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    Canadian embassy- Lagos

    late response tho, but what is the update on this? Did you get a response?
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    question regarding Police Clearance

    how about if you are applying for a study permit from your home country, do they still require police checks? thanks
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    Offer Letter + Visa

    apply as early as you can; Canadian take a lot of time to do things. It doesn't matter if it's 2010.
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    Visitors visa application - Nigeria

    no job offer yet. I just wana see how that place looks. I don't think it's right to immigrate to a country you've never visited before.
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    Prospective immigrant needs to visit Canada

    What is TRV? Also, does it jeopardise your chances of obtaining a visitors(tourist) visa if you declare that you are going on an explorational visit, so you can make up your mind on immigrating to Canada or not? Thanks.
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    Visitors visa application - Nigeria

    Thanks for the post. If every embassy wants a good travel history, then who'd be the first to issue a visa? I am single and have well paying job, no close family member in Canada, have two expired UK visas and a french transit but several UK refusal stamps. What are my chances of obtaining a...
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    Can I Qualify for Visitor Visa?

    so basically, Canada does not allow the middle class as tourists, if one must posses that much money for a holiday, right? Some folks from the visa-free countries go on holidays using borrowed funds (credit cards/overdrafts). So why the unequal treatment?
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    Visitors visa application - Nigeria

    I would like to here from folks that have applied for visitors visa at the Canadian embassies in Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja). My questions are as follows: 1) Did you attend an interview? 2) what documents did you present? 3) what kind of questions where you asked? 4) Did you eventually get the...
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    denied for 2 reasons ( do I have to write a biographie first ?)

    Did you attend an interview? If so, what were the questions you were asked? cos I'm about to apply for a visitors visa from Nigeria. Thanks