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    Indian Driving Licence

    Hey, For G2 you have to wait for 8 months to 12 months. Prior experience would be counted only if you get it on paper before giving G1. Since you have only 8 months experience in India, it would not be of any benefit to you. I have seen a person who was giving G1 with me, he has 2 years of...
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    Indian Driving Licence

    Hi, Since your experience is less than a year, I am not sure that would count up for your Canadian DL. They expect a minimum of 3 years. (Though nowhere it is mentioned, but officers in DriveTest Centre say so.) They consider it only if you pay the fees with your G1 test fees. Not sure what a...
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    January- February Trv timeline 2019 (India)

    Hi, That is not weird. I have faced same thing when applied TRV for my parents. My mom got the Biometric request next day, while for my dad it came like after 3-4 days. PS: My father was primary applicant. Either you may wait for Biometric request for your dad or you may go ahead with your...
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    Indian Driving Licence

    Hi, You need Original Driver License and Extract from the RTO. Check the following for complete details: Good Luck
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    Separate letter of invite?

    Hi, Doesn't really make any difference. Up to you, going ahead with either way is fine. Good Luck
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    TRV Applications from single profile

    Hi, You may choose to have 2 profiles: 1 for your mother & another for your in-laws. In the later case, make any one as Primary Applicant & other have to give consent for the representation (refer IMM5713E). Good Luck
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    Online Supervisa Application for both the parents?

    Hi, You have to apply for the insurance & attach the confirmation of insurance (received once you make a payment of 1 year Super Visa insurance) in the Client Information section. That is correct, Super Visa is TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) for more than 6 month stay. Yes, Super Visa can be...
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    Hi, Only a single Letter of Invitation. Though it has to be signed by both, where cosigner would be @SAM_2014. Good Luck
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    Hi, @sohaib1 explained to the point. Not to worry, you can show Family income. In addition when your wife writes a Letter of Invitation it has to be co-signed from you as well. Nothing to mention in the Explanation Letter. You can merge both NOA's & other documents in a single PDF & upload the...
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    Best Way to Transfer Money from India to Canada

    Hi, You can do either a Money transfer or Wire Transfer. Just look for the fees & other deductions upfront. Go what ever suits you the best. Good Luck.
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    Got my foreign driving license translated - Now what should I do ?

    Prepare well for G1, do not take it lightly. I have seen people taking G1 2-3 times. Hi, Kindly find the answers inline. Good Luck
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    How to file tax for the soft landing days?

    Hi, I guess you need Mortgage as well for getting property. (For mortgage need to show the income as well) It is very unlikely people do purchase apartment/house on day 1 of landing. When ever you are purchasing the property, need to pay the taxes. There is a benefit given to First Time Home...
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    Is education credential needed for PR-holder to find a job?

    Hi, No, generally Employer do not ask that. No one asked me about the Degree equivalency. Good Luck
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    How to file tax for the soft landing days?

    Hi, It doesn't matter, even you can file the tax as well (obviously it would be 0). Not sure if you have complete info, the PR people get the benefit of tax rebate for the 1st year. Year starts from date of landing on the CoPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence) or PR card. TBH, it doesn't...
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    Hi, If you are in Ontario, definitely you can apply for the OHIP. However, your coverage would start after 90 days of your Date of Landing. Documents: 1. Permanent Resident Card or Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) 2. Ontario Driver’s Licence No, invitation sent by CIC is not...
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    Do we need return ticket on Visitor visa ?

    Hi, Not required at all. Even my family members were here on TRV, CBSA & immigration officer just asked 'em length of stay. Return ticket was not purchased & booked a month before they plan to return back. Good Luck
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    How to fill Family Member Representative Form 5713E

    Hi, Under Section A: 1. Family member representative (Either your mom or dad). 2. Date of Birth of the Family member representative. 3. Name of the family members (do not include the Family member representative name here). Say I guess your mom is the Primary applicant, then: 1. Family member...
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    TRV travel history

    Hi, When you fill out the form IMM5257B for each individual, it ask you for the travel you have undertaken in Past 5 years or since the age of 18, which ever is most recent. You need to tell the date of travel, Country, location & purpose of travel. Good Luck
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    TRV application form question

    Hi, Up to you, you may apply even 2 years before travel (obviously you will not mention 2 year later dates in the TRV application). Just look out for the basic things like the Passport validity, processing time in your region etc before proceeding. Good Luck
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    filling TRV form

    Hi, Not, these are only the tentative dates, no one ask you if you travel on later or earlier dates as stated in your TRV application. Good Luck