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    Visitor Visa for Sister and her husband

    Hi Friends, I am a Canadian PR and currently employed here. My sister and her husband would be coming for a 3 week visit to my place in August. They are employed in India and already booked the return flight tickets as well. Also received the leave letter from their employer. Now, they are...
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    Travelling to India and back with Indian passport having 1 month validity

    Hi Friends, I am a Permanent Resident of Canada with an active PR card and I also hold an Indian passport. Now my Indian Passport is expiring in mid- Feb 2017 and i need to travel to India in mid-Jan 2017 and returning by Feb end before the passport expires. It leaves me no time to re-issue my...
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    Issue with New Jersey Driver License Exchange in Ontario

    Hi Friends, I need one help here. I have New Jersey USA Driver License and trying to exchange it for an Ontario DL. I have taken certified Driver History abstract from NJ DMV as well before moving. But I went twice to Drive Test center and they are not accepting it since it does not have a...
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    Landing Questions!

    Hi Friends, I received my COPR and Visa and planning to do an initial landing to activate my PR this Friday from the US. I will be returning back in a week and then move permanently later in the month or next and wrapping up stuffs here. I have a few questions: 1) I am planning to take the bus...
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    Need help reg. PCC request deadline extension

    Hi Friends! I need a suggestion from the experts..I applied for my US PCC and as per courier delivery, it reached them 6 weeks back..However, the FBI site shows the current processing time of 13-15 weeks addition to the delivery time which can be close to Feb end then. I even called them up and...
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    Any method to get an update on USA PCC?

    Hi All, I applied for my USA PCC and fedex status shows it was delivered to FBI office 3 weeks back. Can anyone tell me is there a way to get an update on the status? Any number to call or any link? Would appreciate any help!
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    US PCC through FBI Approved channelers .. anyone applied successfully..?

    I reside in US right now as a temporary worker and would like to if CIC accepts the US PCC if processed using FBI approved channelers..? CIC website says it does not accept certificates from FBI approved 3rd party private companies but from the channelers website it seems they send it to FBI and...
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    URGENT!! NOC Category Query..

    Hi All, My employer has provided my working position as IT Professional. Can anyone let me know what is the NOC code for this??
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    URGENT!!Canadian Experience Class Application Doubts..

    Hi Guys, I am currently working here as a software developer and I will be completing my 2 years mid of July 2012. My assignment ends this July-end and I am going back to my home country after that. I am planning to apply for PR under CEC before leaving Canada. I have already received my PCC...