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  1. ttrajan

    TRV from India

    There will be some delay due to present situation
  2. ttrajan

    Abroad without valid PR card or travel document during Corona

    Apply for PRTD and wait for present situation to improve.
  3. ttrajan

    TRV from India

    TRV issued for 10 years valid?
  4. ttrajan

    Canada PR Renouncing Processing Time from India

    This is done in 2 weeks time.
  5. ttrajan

    TRV from India

    Will they issue TRV Visa in this present scenario?
  6. ttrajan

    Trv from india

    Will they issue TRV now?
  7. ttrajan

    TRV Process Time from India

    Do they issue TRV Visa this month?
  8. ttrajan

    Canada PR Renouncing Processing Time from India

    Can we apply for TRV while this is under process?
  9. ttrajan

    minor student visa application

    School admissions letter maybe required to apply for Visa?
  10. ttrajan

    Minor Visitor Application

    No need to full up employment details. Better to provide school admissions letter to make the application stronger.
  11. ttrajan

    Global Skill Strategy Rules

    Yes possible. Visit website for details.
  12. ttrajan


    TRV? Visa office?
  13. ttrajan

    Trv from india

    Maybe around 90%?
  14. ttrajan

    Trv from india

    Download TRV forms from website and apply through VFS India office. Generally the process time is around 2 weeks.
  15. ttrajan

    PR Renewal but RO not met

    What is the process time?
  16. ttrajan

    Tourist visa

    Did you apply through VFS. Generally process time is around 2 weeks in India.