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    Unpaid Leave - Continuous Work Experience

    Thanks . If he declines, does he have to do anything different or just wait for the next invitation?
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    Canadian education points not getting updated

    @DelPiero07 A friend of mine is in the same situation. As per your questions - 1) Yes 2) No 3)No. DLI entered correctly. At the time of profile creation ,he made an error for one of those 3 questions you asked above and then rectified it later. Been more than 48 hours , its not being...
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    Biometric fees asked again

    What if the 1st PR application is refused? Does the person have to give biometrics again with 2nd PR application?
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    Biometrics validity

    @canuck78 RE-post. Can you please tell me if a person is supposed to give biometrics again if he previously gave biometrics for a PR application that was refused?
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    My application refused biometrics!

    @scylla If a person gives biometrics and his Application is refused due to eligiblity reasons, then does he have to give biometrics again for 2nd Application again?
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    Residency obligation

    Appreciate the response. Thank you very much!
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    Residency obligation

    Thanks. But wouldn't CIC ask why is the wife applying separately through EE instead of being sponsored by a PR and subsequently look into his RO?
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    Residency obligation

    Thank you @canuck78 One more question- Since the person cannot sponsor his wife until he satisfies RO and gets a new PR card, can his overseas wife apply for her express entry application on her own?
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    Residency obligation

    @dpenabill I understood the following after reading your multiple posts on RO and PR Card expiry - If the person shows up at the POE with an expired PR Card OR 'active PR card without fulfilling the Residency Obligation', he/she is at the mercy of border agent. If the person is not questioned...
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    Paid/UnPaid Vacation

    Thanks @jes_ON Can he do this- Remove 2 months from the actual start date of Canadian work place and put the start date as (actual + 2 months) so that unpaid gap is automatically covered? He can then explain this once he gets invite. Would this be the correct approach???
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    Paid/UnPaid Vacation

    @jes_ON I read some of your posts. You advised that working for extra days to fill the gap of unpaid days is a solution and getting it ratified by the employer is recommended. But how to explain this while creating a profile ? So here, in my friend's case, he is totally clear now that he is...
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    Paid/UnPaid Vacation

    Can you share what happened later? A friend of mine is working in Canada for last 2 years in Noc A position. He took 2 unpaid leaves of 1 month each to see his family while working in Canada. Can he apply under CEC? He gets a score of 490 if he counts his Canadian experience of 2 years. But as...
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    Unpaid Leave - Continuous Work Experience

    @21Goose Hi there, A friend of mine is working for 2 years in Canada on Noc A position. He has taken 2 unpaid leaves and travelled out of Canada for 1month each to see his family. Is that acceptable while claiming CEC experience points? @scylla
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    Clarification on : Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees.

    @ersandee Can you check my query too please?
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    Clarification on : Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees.

    @sid1987 Hi Sid, Can you help with this query - I have a friend who got Bachelors (4yrs) equivalency from WES for 2 years completion of studies in Dubai and 2 yrs at a Canadian University. (It was a dual degree program). He was supposed to get bachelors degree from both universities but ended up...
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    CEC Proof of Funds requirement

    @jes_ON I have the same query. At the time of profile creation, should we put 0 for CEC applicants? or put $13,000 at profile creation stage and after receiving ITA, attach an explanation letter as you mentioned before for CEC invitations?
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    2 Express Entry Profiles

    Hi @mr.preetsingh If a person is ready with all the set of documents needed and doesn't want to miss the next draw, then can he create 2 profiles with different noc codes between which he is confused? That will buy hime some time to do more research and then he can decline the invitation for...
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    NOC 1113, 1114 or 1434

    Hi Can you tell what happened later? Which Noc code did you use?