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  1. rajapanesar

    IQAS ECA timeline tracking

    This happens most of the times. Your application and transcripts would have reached on different dates, and usually the same difference in days will be seen between pending and in line for processing status. If they reached on the same date in the same packet, even then a few days can pass...
  2. rajapanesar


    It will have the alphabets IMM before a number. You'll find it.
  3. rajapanesar

    IQAS ECA delivered

    It's a master's. Congrats
  4. rajapanesar

    IQAS ECA timeline tracking

    That's one and a half months dear. No need to panic.
  5. rajapanesar

    ECA from University of Toronto (CES)

    Received an email from CES, saying the process has halted, that sort of thing.
  6. rajapanesar

    IQAS ECA timeline tracking

    Yeah, usually they do contact university. But not always, just when they find something unclear to their understanding. You should get the report about 3 weeks from now.
  7. rajapanesar

    Ray of Hope - 141st Draw

    I don't even know how I feel about this draw.
  8. rajapanesar

    IQAS ECA timeline tracking

    People in fluctuation stage you just need to right click on final review and copy link In the link change Document/DownloadApplicationForm/ to Document/DownloadApplicationFormFromPortal?id=and paste in browser, make sure you are signed into your account before eg. if link is...
  9. rajapanesar

    IQAS ECA timeline tracking

    You can get assessing status, or jump to final review straight from here. Later, a fluctuation and then the mailed.
  10. rajapanesar

    IQAS ECA timeline tracking

    Check the trick previously posted
  11. rajapanesar

    Express Entry Points Miscalculation?

    Will be sufficient. Just keep a gift deed handy, if asked.
  12. rajapanesar

    Express Entry Points Miscalculation?

    No need to decline ITA. Accept the very first. Meanwhile, arrange all documents, then upload them and pay the fee after May 1st. AOR will be after completing 3 full years, and there will be not drawbacks in this method.
  13. rajapanesar

    Work Experience before Master Degree

    Yes. Even if you were working during the master's program, it will be considered.
  14. rajapanesar

    EOI number

    Then how are you supposed to see what is in your profile and if it is receiving any messages of interest. You don't have your username and password, this means that the email address used wasn't yours too. Creating a gc key won't effect it though.
  15. rajapanesar

    Ray of Hope - 139th Draw

    Waiting for a 415 miracle by June. Lol
  16. rajapanesar

    EOI number

    Are you asking about express entry? If yes, please open your profile and check if your profile shows "submitted" or something similar. Could be 3 unread messages. If these are there, you've successfully submitted a profile
  17. rajapanesar

    "Ineligible" for FEE but is this FEE profile considered ACTIVE?

    You're right. Age between 18-45, education (with ECA for non Canadian education) above high school, IELTS score (or any other language test) with CLB 6, and 1 year of full time paid experience in NOC 0, A or B are the usual requirements. Do you fulfill all of these? Did you enter the correct...
  18. rajapanesar

    ICAS documentation

    Print the email you received from them, fill it up, arrange required documents (photocopy of passport, marksheets, degrees etc.), send all these along with printed-filled form to ICAS. Mention file number on the envelope. Request transcripts from the universities by sending them the filled ICAS...