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  1. Rangana

    CEC Applicants - Mar. 2020 *JOIN HERE*

    Hello everyone, I received ITA on 23rd March under CEC. just want to know if we have submit a PCC for the stay in Canada?
  2. Rangana

    Ray of Hope - 140th Draw

    I’m in same situation. CEC @ 468 but currently not in Canada. Please let me know if you have received an ITA
  3. Rangana

    Ray of Hope - 140th Draw

    Same here ! Waiting @ 468 under CEC
  4. Rangana

    Ray of Hope - 135th Draw

    No it was the same.
  5. Rangana

    Ray of Hope - 135th Draw

    Hi, anyone using the Canada PR app knows if the predictions made by it have always been accurate in the past? Right now it’s showing 469-474 for the next draw. thanks
  6. Rangana

    Shared my IELTS Materials and where to get it thank you in advance
  7. Rangana

    Applicants from Sri Lanka Connect here

    *** Sri Lankan PCC*** I would really appreciate if anyone applied for PCC from outside SriLanka could tell me what needs to be entered for below fields when applying for PCC through (online). Also please note that currently I live in Canada and will be submitting the documents from...
  8. Rangana

    Ray of Hope - 134th Draw

    I have the same question. Anyone knows if we need to get police report for the stay in Canada ?
  9. Rangana

    Explanation letter for seeming name difference

    Hello Sarvanakumar and Ramkumar , I see you both are in the same situation as mine. In my Wes report , degree certificate and transcripts my last name goes as Udayakumar ( without a space). However in passport , birth certificate and all the other documents my last name goes as Udaya Kumar...
  10. Rangana

    NOC A & B experience in one year

    Thank you so much for your response! CLB 7 mean I have to get 7 for each band in IELTS right ?
  11. Rangana

    Continuous work for CEC? Oh dear

    Hi there, I’m in a very stressful situation right now and I would really appreciate your opinion regarding work experience. I have 7 months of experience in NOC A category and 5 months of experience in NOC B category. Im hoping to apply under Canadian experience Class. Were you also in a...
  12. Rangana

    NOC A & B experience in one year

    Hi everyone, Im hoping to apply for EE under Canadian Experience Class. I have NOC B category experience of 7 months and NOC A category experience of 5 months. I have worked more than 30 hours per week at both jobs. Am I still eligible to apply under CEC? Your inputs are really appreciated...
  13. Rangana

    Continuous work for CEC? Oh dear

    Hi ! Did you find the answer for this? I have one year of full time Canadian experience under 2 different eligible NOC categories and there’s a gap of one month in between. Am I eligible to apply for PR?