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    New Brunswick Virtual fair Nigeria

    Same here. I am yet to receive any feedback
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    Self-Employed Application 2018

    We are all waiting. Its exactly one year I have done biometrics. Still waiting
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    Self-Employed Application 2018

    Just watch this thread and we'll all celebrate together
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    Self-Employed Application 2019

    Wow congrats man. Really wish I could help but i guess you might just have to wait patiently and see. You are definitely ahead of most of us here.
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    Study permit while applying for self-employed class?

    I totally agree with the above answers. However I understand your worries too. I will suggest you wait. In the meantime you could start gathering documents and funds you will need to succeed if u apply for study permit or try another immigration pathway incase SE goes south.
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    Self-Employed Application 2018

    WoW!! thanks man for the response really appreciate. hmmm! Makes sense even though they don't state that clearly.
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    Self-Employed Application 2018

    Yes my brother it's crazy. Sometimes I am tempted to enter the Express Entry pool or even apply for study
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    Self-Employed Application 2018

    Hi, I am in same shoes as you. It appears we submitted the same time. Submitted October 2018 AOR February 2019 Biometrics February 2019. Nothing since. I am applying from Nigeria