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    How long to get through immigration upon PR arrival?

    Can anyone shed some light on how long it will take for my wife to clear immigration and customs at Pearson? Are there any questions posed at this process or do they just check the passport? Thanks Mike
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    Advice on when to change legal name? and renew passport?

    My wife is in the process of finalizing her PR(just waiting for police certificates). We don't know if she should change her name on her passport while in Thailand, or to wait until she comes to Canada? Additionally, her passport expires in December. She will be arriving in Canada in August...
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    Should I send receipts of $$$ trasfers to spouse to PR processing office?

    Hi everyone again, My wife is Thai and her application is being processed through the Singaporean office. I have been regularly sending monies to her while she is waiting for the PR process to be finalized. Should I fax records of these transfers to the Singaporean office to be added to her...
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    Paying Right of PR fee in advance?

    A friend has told me that the immigration office in Manila informed him that he can save some time of the PR process by paying the Right of PR fee in advance. Has anyone heard the same? Would this fee be paid in Canada or to the processing Immigration Office? Thanks mike
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    Obtaing visitor visa while waiting for PR?

    Hi there, My wife and I were married in Canada in January while she was visiting. She has recently returned to Thailand and we have just submitted her PR application. Is it possible for her to obtain a visitor visa to return to Canada while her application is being processed? Thanks Mike
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    Getting a Temporary Resident Visa while waiting for PR

    Hello, My wife and I were married here in Canada in February while she was on a TRV. We've been having a difficult time obtaining her birth certificate from Thailand and have decided that it would be best for her to return to Thailand to organize her paperwork and apply for PR from over there...
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    PR Application- Married but don't yet have certificate

    Hi, I'm marrying my fiance on Feb 14th here in Canada. Do we have to wait until we receive the marriage certificate before applying for PR. I understand that it can take 2-3 months before we receive the certificate. Thanks Mike and Lana
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    Ineligable to sponser? Unfiled and unpaid taxes?

    Dear Sir(s), I wish to sponser my Thai partner after we get married in September. I presently have not filed taxes in 3 years and have unpaid taxes owing from before that period. I was also found guilty, as the Broker of a real estate firm, of not opening my books to the regulating authority...