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    PR application withdrawal and Refund

    Hi all, My PR application was approved last year and immigration visa was stamped. My immigration visa is expiring on 20th June 2015. I have decided not to land as i have received my US GC. I would like to withdraw PR application and apply for fees refund. Please can some one help me with the...
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    oct 2013 applicant

    Did any one receive the reply back from CIC on Missing pdf attachment with MR request mail on April 26th ?
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    oct 2013 applicant

    Did any one heard back from cic who did not receive a pdf attachment in MR?
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    Address to send additional documents add in PR application under CEC category

    I have applied for PR in Canada under Canadian Experience Class in OCT 2013 . I need to send additional documents (Police Certificates) to add this to my current application. Where and how do I send it ? please Help !! Thanks.
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    Open work permit for Spouse

    Hi, I am a Indian Citizen currently working in US. I am moving to Canada by the end of July under specialized skills worker category . I have got the temporary resident Visa for my spouse. I would like to apply for Open work permit for her so that she can start working in canada after reaching...
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    Open Study permit for kids

    Hi Everyone, Need your help here. . My daughter is 5 yr 8 months old and an Indian Citizen. I am applying for Canada Work Permit under ICT specialized skills category and along with my application, i am also applying for my daughter's Temporary Resident Visa. My question is : should i apply...
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    Spouse Open Work permit

    Thanks priyum521 and rjessome for helping me. Will there be more chances of rejection or delay if i apply for spouse's open work permit along with my work permit ? Should i apply for TRV for spouse now and apply for OWP after reaching Canada ? Please advice. How much time visa processing...
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    Spouse Open Work permit

    Thanks priyum521... I have few questions on submitting forms for OWP for spouse. a. I understand that i need to submit form "Application for Work Permit Made Outside Canada [IMM 1295] " for spouse. should i also submit form "Application for a Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside Canada [IMM...
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    Spouse Open Work permit

    Hi Everyone, I am an Indian Citizen, currently working in USA. My Employer is sending me to Canada as Intra Company Transfer (ICT) under Specialised Technical Skills category. My spouse will be travelling with me to Canada and i am applying for Visa at canadian consulate NY. I have few...