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    SOWP, ask me anything.

    Thanks for the response. Medical’s has been successful and my consultant just ask me to give another bank certificate with appropriate funds in it and it should be address to the immigration officer in Abu Dhabi. He told me of police clearance and going to the embassy for finger prints. Is that...

    SOWP, ask me anything.

    Thanks for input What about checking on line. Is there a way to check on line?

    SOWP, ask me anything.

    I did mine on the 3 of April and it’s getting too late now. Is there a way to check my file on line, because the agency got the credentials to track my profile but I don’t have. And they seem to be corresponding with their lawyer in Canada. I really need to know how it’s going myself, is there...

    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    Dear qorax, I took my medical test 2 months back in Dubai and my consultants are telling me to be patient. On the website it says 4 weeks for temporary working permit. She is said the lawyer in canada is telling her to be patient. I really don’t know how long this will take and can I also have...

    SOWP, ask me anything.

    My Questions is regarding Medical clearance. How long does it takes for medical medical clearance for a work permit. Is there a way to check online and see the steps that my documents are being process stage by stage? I feel my agents are doing their Job but have some doubts they are not doing...

    Medical Clearance and Police Clearance

    Dear Future Canadians, I wish to ask how long it takes to get the medical clearance from dubai. How can I also know my agency are doing what they say they doing, is there a way to check online to keep a track on the processing steps on my medical clearance?