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    Any temporary worker in Quebec, but applying for Express Entry, join here.

    Thanks for the info. Did you land in Quebec or another province? At a border or IRCC office? Is having an address outside of QC enough? Did you show a lease or proof of address?
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    Any temporary worker in Quebec, but applying for Express Entry, join here.

    Did you include a letter of intent in your application? They usually ask for it after the security check is completed.
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    PR for International Students

    yes you're correct
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    PR for International Students

    1. Move to any other province after graduation and apply through express entry, or 2. Have French language skills corresponding to at least level B2, graduate, apply though PEQ for CSQ, then apply for PR, or 3. Graduate, find a job in QC and apply via Arrima (no one knows more details about this...
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    My wife is getting a PhD in Quebec. Can I get an open work permit?

    Yes, Any "application" to any "government department" throughout the world will have a risk of refusal!! That's how beaurucracy works! I think the OP is well aware of this rule and s/he is asking if s/he is eligible for an SOWP..
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    My wife is getting a PhD in Quebec. Can I get an open work permit?

    As long as the institute she gets admission from has a designated learning institute (DLI) code she can get a student visa, and as a dependent you can get a spousal open work permit.
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    Pulling my hair out

    Was your father born in Canada?
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    I sent my Pr application to the wrong place

    Given that in the past six months you haven't gotten back you application package, I think it is better to send a new application package by Express Post to the correct address. You can always ask MIDI to issue you a new set of CSQs. So send the one you already have and write to MIDI and ask...
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    Status of my federal application after CSQ

    You most probably have passed both checks and are just waiting for an officer to review those reports and render a final decision.
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    Status of my federal application after CSQ

    You Eligibility is comprised of program requirements (in your case CSQ), medical, criminality and security components. You have passed medicals and program requirements. You are at the criminality and security check stage. If you pass those, you will pass elgibility and you'll receive PPR. The...
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    They have been issuing PDF CSQs on Mon Projet since a few months ago. It comes as a message with a PDF attachment. For other streams such as PEQ, the CSQ is still in the hard copy format, which is mailed to the applicant's most recent address.
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    csq interview

    Well MIDI is never good in giving reliable timelines but since they have specifically mentioned 10 days (10 working days I guess?) you probably will get an opinion/decision in a few weeks. Interviews for inland applicants are VERY rare though, may I ask why they interviewed you and if it was in...
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    csq interview

    are you an inland applicant? when did you apply for csq?
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    Transit to Montreal from Vancouver

    for what sort of visa? PR or student/worker?
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    Study Permit Extension

    finally! Good luck!
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    QSW for foreign student (PhD student)

    I agree... I remember it took about 2 years for Express Entry scores to diminish to something manageable and it was too high at the beginning.
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    QSW for foreign student (PhD student)

    MIDI has started changing the immigration rules since August. They will no longer accept applications on a first come-first serve basis and have stopped accepting new applications using Mon Projet Quebec. They will introduce a new system mirroring Express Entry, i.e. a pool of candidates will be...
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    Follow this process to get information from MIDI about your CSQ application (similar to GCMS Notes)

    LP=List personalise (personalized checklist) MAJ=Mise a jour (update)
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    Spouse open work permit extension online Canada

    any updates? has your extension been approved?