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    Application change from Skilled Worker Class to Provincial Nominee Program?

    I think you just need to apply for withdrawal to the Canadian High Commission and then reapply after getting your provincial nomination. You may not incur losses easpecially if action has not been taken on your file!
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    Time for processing under new Simplified PR system

    Thanks for your response PMM. It then means that it will take an applicant about 5 years to get his application processed through Ghana, where I submitted mine. That seems to be too long for any worthwhile ambition to relocate!!! The receipt of mine has not even been acknowledged, 3 months after...
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    Immigration Acronyms

    Thanks. This is quite useful. I however wish the processing time is faster, especially for those of us applying through Ghana
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    Time for processing under new Simplified PR system

    Can somebody please tell me how long it takes to process PR application for Skilled Worker under the new regime that started in Sept 06? My application submitted in Sept has not been acknowledged 3 months after! Am worried though it was confirmed delivered to Canada Embassy. Thanks