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    ECA for 1 year International mba from ulyanovsk state university

    Don't go for WES. Comparative Education Service is doing by contacting University (CES, University of Toronto). Request ULSU for sending documents. CES is currently accepting emails from Universities too. International Relations Office Phone: +7 (8422) 41-24-00 Fax: +7 (8422) 41-28-18...
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    CEC IELTS Score 5.5

    Hope this lower IELTS score wont be problem for PNP applications. Isn't it?
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    Study Permit while having Express entry profile

    How do you mention in SOP as strong because you withdraw EE profile and now want study permit? I'm getting mixed answers. Has anyone got successful without mentioning in SOP?
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    WES-PhD Evaluation

    Does anybody know if WES/ICES/IQAS/CES evaluates Honorary Doctorate as Canadian equivalent PhD?
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    International student-Finished MSc and started PhD

    Hope the International PhD Stream is only available for canadian PhD holders..
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    International student-Finished MSc and started PhD

    No, I mentioned as outside program and not related to Canada
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    ECA by WES from India

    Which ECA is simple and hassle free for PhD from india?
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    University affiliation

    Has anybody completed WES and went through IRCC as well for Wiliam Carey ?
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    Can I apply EE under FSW as a two year PhD student in Canada

    Is there any immigration program for PhD holder who has completed outside of Canada and being outside of Canada?
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    International student-Finished MSc and started PhD

    Is there any specific migration program for PhD holder who completed studies outside of Canada and being in outland?
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    WES Timeline/Tracking 2019

    Has anybody done ECA from YBN University or IEC University, India?
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    Anybody done ECA from YBN University, India?

    Hi, Is there anyone done ECA with WES for YBN University in India? Is it approved by WES?
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    WES verification query

    Thanks. How to apply from abroad for WES verification? Will university respond and send them to WES?
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    WES verification query

    I'm not in India and university doesn't respond to my emails. How was it before? Approved by WES?
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    WES verification query

    Was it successful? Got positive WES results? I think WES is no more accepting to college sealed envelope and submit by student. University also not sending I guess. Then how to handle this situation?
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    WES secondary evaluation for CCS University

    WES results are positive for CCS University?
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    Memorial University of Newfoundland, Fall 2019 intake, Questions and Answers

    Programming knowledge is required to complete this program?
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    Masters with low gpa discussion thread

    How about all your statuses now?