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    Well then I’d probably either look in different locations for jobs , and support is called welfare, only if you’re PR Citizen
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    Help please, i dont have money

    There was a Canadian that applied for this, however they were living in Chile and wanted to return because of the virus . His application was refused since he had not lived in Canada for two years .
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    TRV Rejected. What could be the reason?

    Yes, it's called judicial review . You have to get a lawyer in Canada involved, and it costs $$$$ You can't renew your visa in the United States ? Btw with the current border situation, I highly doubt they'd let enter anyway. It wouldn't be considered essential
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    Help please, i dont have money

    The embassy would be where they’d turn too to get their passport renewed, but they wouldn’t be of any assistance if he didn’t have the funds for a plane ticket
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    I don’t believe CERB is welfare /social assistance. It’s for individuals who’ve lost their employment due to Covid . However it’s based upon income earned in the last 12 months, or 2019 Minimum needed is $5k If you don’t qualify for either , then you’d need to approach your sponsor and have a talk
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    Based upon the information you gave. I pulled up the EI information for a postal code in Kitchener On. You require 700 hours I’d still apply , let the system either auto approve or not How much money have you made in the last year? Going back 12 months from now, or calendar year 2019 ...
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    You can apply for EI if you have worked enough insurable hours in the area of the country you live in . If you have , yes, if not , you won’t qualify Same as with CERB, if you qualify yes, if not , no
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    Forensic Examination

    Did you plagiarize your BOC ?
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    The system has to verify who you are from a previous tax filing. If you apply thru the automated phone system it’ll require a postal code to match up with the address on file one used when they filed a return , otherwise how would it know where to send a cheque or what bank account to deposit...
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    Did you file a tax return already ? That code I believe means the CRA has to verify information . If you haven’t filed, there’s no information to validate
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    Increased PR application fee starting April 30, 2020

    Why should taxpayers fund a individuals choice to move to another country ? I'm thinking of moving to another province, should I expect the Government aka taxpayers to subsidize my move ? No
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    Extending stay as a visitor

    Then that is all that’s required . You’re requesting the extension for common law sponsorship. No need to go into a huge long letter . All the VO needs is the pertinent reason
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    The Thats fine As long as the income was in 2019, or in the preceding 12 months of applying for the benefit now in 2020
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    Did you or did you not earn more than $5k in the preceding 12 months from March 2020 ? You have to reside in Canada to apply . Income abroad can be counted prior to residing
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    Study Visa

    You can apply on your own, however one thing to mention is that you’re not migrating to Canada , you’re studying and then returning home . If you apply mentioning you will be staying , very good chance your application will be refused .
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    CERB Query

    There’s many on the market . Turbo tax, Simple Tax. And some are free based upon income, complexity Most will let you tailor your return to your situation My return is very complicated, and I’ve had no problems doing mine on my own Some community centres have volunteers that help new filers...
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    Job offer it's fake

    Scam If it’s offering food, accommodation, flights definitely a scam Post the offer, you only gave the covering letter
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    CERB Query

    Yes, you can do your taxes yourself . It’s pretty straightforward especially if you don’t have multiple slips . Usually the system auto fills it in , if you qualify Foreign income can be included in the $5k benchmark
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    EI & CERB application

    No for CERB. If you read the eligibility on the government's website you'll see that you cannot be working . Apply for EI. On your ROE it'll say how many insurable you have worked . I believe the hours required for EI range from 412-700 depending where you live in the country.They have a...
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    Commuters or Canadians can they claim Employment insurance from US?

    Canada & USA have a program for individuals that worked in USA living in Canada. The reason there's not much information is because it would be an American EI program youd apply too. You'd have to contact the Americans to get information, Canada would not be involved