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    may 2020 intake (general discussion)

    If you are talking about cerb international students can apply but the criteria is the same about making 5000 last year and having lost your job because of covid. Some schools are also giving out some cash assistance.
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    Global Business Management in Humber College

    Reviews are not good, its a shallow course to pass time and get PGWP, find the humber international page on Facebook.
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    may 2020 intake (general discussion)

    These courses are usually nonsense courses, if you just want to get the PGWP its fine but dont expect much, a lot of them are created just so international students can get PGWP.
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    Study permit expires before getting letter of graduation

    Do not apply for visitor, get an extension if you explain that it is for pgwp they will grant you a 3 months extension, if you apply with any other permit you cant work until you get pgwp. Also there is no nore flag polling at all now due to covid. You should of course ask your college if you...
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    Study permit expires before getting letter of graduation

    You should have applied for an extension about 4 months ago. You should apply now with an explanation as to why you need the extension and any supporting docs, unfortunately it was taking 3-4 months for extension before Covid-19 so you have a long wait ahead. If your permit expires then its even...
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    benefits for international students

    You could be elligable for CERB, depending on how much you earned in 2019.
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    Stuck in home country with expired visa and study permit due to COVID-19

    You wont be able to travel, any other visa would not be faster either so best to wait for the study permit. You should be able to continue studying from home since most schools moved to online learning now.
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    Embassy will re open in may 2020

    This is not correct, just because an embassy is closed doesnt mean things are not beiong processed, of course there are matters of priority and there will be delays but they have not stopped processing applications. An application made online can also be processed anywhere not at just a...
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    Study Permit Extension Delay (September 2019)

    Nothing has been stopped. Of course there are going to be big delays now because all the things IRCC has to deal with, working from home, people getting sick, probably a massive amount of people submitting inquiries etc.
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    Applied for student permit. Should I also apply for tourist visa also?

    No. Visa is only required for traveling into Canada and you cant apply for both study permit and visitor status at same time. Once you get your sp you can apply for the visa to go along with it.
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    Question about a break in between changing schools.

    Did you drop out or finish the program and waiting for new one?
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    COVID- Not Working please help
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    may 2020 intake (general discussion)
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    Do canadian universities as well as embassies stop giving admission and visas to students.

    Remember online applications can be processed anywhere not just your local embassy, there will be some slowdown due to measures to prevent covid transmission but as of now they are still processing applications.
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    may 2020 intake (general discussion)

    You can apply for an extension of study permit when it is close to expiring, so sometime in late 2021 or early 2022. You can do this in Canada, Seneca will have people to help with this. Have Seneca said anything about May semester?
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    Entry to canada
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    CO-OP semester canceled for COVID-19, impact on PGWP?

    You will need to explain and include a supporting letter from school, I read it on some university website. There wont be any issues, these are extraordinary times!
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    2020 May Intake

    You can try ordering through one of the apps, this isolation isn't enforced unfortunately its completely voluntary at this point in most provinces.
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    may 2020 intake (general discussion)

    What did lambton say?