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    Returning Canadians, how to transfer money and gold

    As long as its coming from another bank, and you are immigrating or returning to Canada as a resident, you will be fine.
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    Income Tax Returns Details

    The accountant should provide you with a copy of the filed return. Usually, accountants also include a cover letter that outlines your CCB eligibility, RRSP contribution room, etc.
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    Grocery stores delivery

    Assuming you are in Ontario, Sobeys does deliver (through its Voila service) as does Longos (through its Grocery Gateway service). Beyond that, you'll need to use the Isntacart or Uber Eats apps for groceries deliveries.
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    You are not allowed to work in Canada as a visitor.
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    Handicrafts small business on PR

    You don't need to register anything until you reach $30k in sales (at least on ON). After that, you have to start charging HST so you need to register for that. Naturally, you should report all your earned income.
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    How to avoid paying hefty tax as much as possible

    Invest in both if you can. Each serves a different purpose, and is funded differently (pre-tax vs. post-tax money), but both are invaluable for proper tax planning.
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    Misrepresentation - Possible Deportation

    You started by saying that the misrepresentation wasn't willful, but here you make it sound like it was indeed by choice (to avoid the bureaucracy in your home country). People have certainly been stripped of citizenship and deported years after settling in Canada permanently for...
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    Appeal on Residency Obligation

    - They don't, but the PR isn't really keen to "comeback" if he can't even spend 2 years out of 5 here, is he? - Because PR is for people who want to live in Canada, and your intent isn't clear - Because it's the law - That's just nonsense. You can have ties to your home country, and can even...
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    Shipping goods 2 year after relocation

    If you've been living in Canada for the past 2 years, and didn't declare any of these items on your Goods to Follow list, then yes, you could certainly be taxed upon their import. That said, the items you listed sound like low value items that are clearly not for resale, so I doubt the tax will...
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    PR cancellation

    I'm sounds like you have just applied for PR, but haven't received it yet. Yes, if you divorce at this time, you will no longer qualify for PR. That said, if you proceed with the intention of divorcing right after you receive your PR, you could be misrepresenting the facts (i.e...
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    Where to invest in Real Estate

    It's hardly one article. There are plenty more in various financial publications related to the same. Regardless, you are correct that it doesn't really matter anyway. The markets will move in the way that they will, and no ones opinion will change that..
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    Where to invest in Real Estate

    Yes, it's absolutely true. If you disagree, show me a single asset, any time in history, in any geography that has gone up without any fluctuations over the long term. Surely, with such broad parameters, it shouldn't be hard for you to prove me wrong.... And I fail to see how this is...
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    Where to invest in Real Estate

    No, but I did read the posts that this was in response to, and it wasn't addressed there. You clearly have much more free time than most.
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    Where to invest in Real Estate

    Which part of Ontario are you referring to? What is "that community"?
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    Where to invest in Real Estate

    Have you bothered to do any research on the number of properties purchased by non-residents? If you did, you'd see that the figures are very low, and largely irrelevant to this discussion. Instead of focusing on "new things", why don't you worry about factual accuracy instead?
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    Where to invest in Real Estate

    There's plenty of housing. Just look at the condo vacancy rates in Toronto at present. The "shortage" was caused by landlords seeking to list properties under short term rental schemes, which effectively removed this supply from the market. Now that services like AirBnB have been crippled...
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    Where to invest in Real Estate

    Immigration may have contributed to the price increase, but not nearly as much as low interest rates. Immigration levels have remained fairly constant over the past decade and wouldn't explain the steepening slope of housing prices.
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    Where to invest in Real Estate

    It's just a cycle. Cycles can last for 30 years, like this housing boom, or 3 months. But, this housing boom will end with a correction, just like every other cycle for every other asset class in every other country in history. The current housing boom has been fueled by low interest rates...
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    Where to invest in Real Estate

    That's not how markets work. This has NEVER happened in ANY asset class, anywhere in the world. And if you think it has, please prove me wrong.
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    Where to invest in Real Estate

    Simple logic with common sense applied is that a house costing 50k in 1980 will be remodified/reconstructed/renovated and will always be sold at a much higher value than 50k and never less than that considering whatever world ending events happened or will happen. Except that a simple search...