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    any one know any good recruiting agents?

    HI i am looking for a good recruiting agency in vancouver
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    South African expats

    Hi just wondering how many South African expats there are moving to Canada and how the hole proccedure has been for them and if they have any advise ?
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    South African expats

    Hi My name is Tanja i live South Afirca and would like to come to Canada. Was wondering on South africa's opinion on living there and getting in from our side of the world - what problems and what plus points did you experience ? Do you guys also know the best places to go to for work? Thank you
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    Looking to move to Vancouver

    Any suggestions on Vancouver . What is it like is it a nice place to start off and begin our new lives?
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    Seeking the truth about working in canada

    I am very interested in what you asking to and i think these are valid questions when thinking about immagrating to another country, knowing avaerage house size, amount of car's per family and roughly average income is important when leaving one country for another? It is no use leaving one...
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    Homeopath / naturopath looking for work or suggestions

    I'm looking for suggetion as to anyone needing a homeopath or a naturopath / health store for sale or work in health food industry like a supplement company . Any suggestions any at all would be appreciated
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    Who is exempt for a work visa ???

    I have a European passport from Germany - do i still need a work visa if i want work in British Columbia - Vancouver - does anyone know about work visa exemptions .
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    Work Visa or permant of residents application which is best and quicker??

    Hi i want to know what people suggest Should one apply for a work visa then a permant resident visa . We want to leave South Africa as soon as possible and get to Canada even if it means we dont have our permant resident visa yet . We just want to live there and make some money untill our...
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    Homeopathy / Naturopathy / Health store / health industry

    Hi i am a homeopath seeking any kind of Job infomation in Canada. We are looking at immagrating to the vancouver area but are flexable. I have a degree in Homeopathy (Masters in Technology homeopathy from Durban University of Technology ) in South africa my masters was obtained after a 6 year...
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    Homoeopath / naturopath or health industry or health store

    Hi my name is Dr Tanja Schwarz and i was wondering if any one knows of any possitions in Canada for qualified Homeopath ( M-Tech Homeopathy DUT). Or maybe a naturopath or something along those lines. We are looking at immagrating to canada and i was wondering on the scope for my type of practise...