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    after 69 days?

    63 days now. beigin 5 month
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    September 2011 - Here we go!

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    Sent my file a month ago still not heard from anyone?

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    Can SIN card application be done at the airport upon landing?

    Not at the airport. You could google the nearest Service Canada in the city your will be landing and travel to that place from airport. You will be given a paper number and then the sin will be sent to your address later. Just to know, why do you want to do it at airport, do you have a place...
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    will i get job right away in canada?

    Hi Tin, I just wanted to let you know, my neighbour and husband landed in February 2011 as skilled immigrant. The wife is a physician as profession and has practiced in her country for 6 years. She has decided to apply and start a nursing carreer at conestoga college. With his qualification...
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    Thanks for infor. Really helps
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    feb 2008 applicants!!

    Wow, I am not suprised the CIC is now becoming so blant with their words. "We have received enough applications for federal skilled workers since February 27, 2008 to meet our immigration levels the next two years. Because they reflect the current needs of the Canadian labor market...
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    For Applicants of 2007 (in London): Has Anyone received documents update letter?

    I did contact an equiry through my MP after having simillar standard replies from cic london. Here was a snip of reply to the mp office through my phone. They sent a very long long response. 1. The cic received 640,000 by 28 Feb 2008, So within this group they have applicants who are...
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    Where to report a marriage of convenience?

    Why do you want to report it. Is it affecting your life. Many of us always want to stay away from a string of law issues. Unless its you. You should contact cic. They will not however do anything about it for a minimum of 14 years and if children exists, may be nothing at all so long as his...
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    NURSES of Ontario (Toronto)

    Check out this post:-
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    Visitor Visa Extension (for the 2nd time)

    Apply online you can use the same reasons it does not matter but the visa offier has to be convinced. Read other threads on this.
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    Parallel applications?

    Wow I really feel for you. Your application is almost 60 months. Yes go ahead a keep both going.
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    Got Refusal of my Canadian PR Application due to Proof of Funds -- Need Help

    Write a long letter explaining. Where were the enough funds in another bank statements or in another bank account. Tell them you forgot to include all the statements. Thats what I would have done, courier the whole application before long.
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    PR renewal URGENT.... Help

    211 days is when you lose your PR i think.
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    Coming from the U.S. to claim refugee status in Canada

    Wow! What a plan. Are you stateless in America. Do you have legal papers in America. If so why want to come to canada and wast 3 - 5 years on a pending life - I mean your refugee application being on the an endless line. Not good plan at all, better come on student permit, then after 6...
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    Congratualtions Olooye, you finally landed. I am so happy. I remember us waiting back in 2007. Good luck with life in Canada.
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    Visa extentsion

    I think you do not need to apply for extension as the cic will return your application saying its always automatic 6 months. You can go ahead and send an application with fee 75 dollar but they will return and refund. They will advise that you only need to extend after 6 months as 6 months is...
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    Please help - Extending my stay as a visitor in Canada

    If you are in Canada, call the Cic with your inquiry. If you applied through common law within canada, and you are not on welfaire i think it should be ok. In the mean time after six months you might be able to apply for work permit. Call them and tell them you do not wish the call to be...
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    Arriving in Toronto and Moving to Winnipeg

    Ya' Right! Good Old Days...........
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    NURSES of Ontario (Toronto)

    No you wont have to pay for again, it will automaticlly go on RPN.