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  1. vensak

    When can i get my seized passport back? landing 2 wks ago as protected person

    1. why to revive 7 years old thread. 2. what do you need passport for. No, even as a PR you are not suppose to renew or use it to travel anywhere and not risking reavailment. If you want to travel you still need your refugee travel document. 3. but yes it is possible to get it back.
  2. vensak

    Spouse is ineligible to sponsor due to criminality - What are my options? (US Citizen)

    no you cannot use your spouse, but if he has siblings, you can use those.
  3. vensak

    Entry level bank jobs in Toronto

    disability is something on a physical or mental level that will put you into disadvantage against average population. Usually you have little to no option to make it better. However weakness is something that can even fit into an average person characteristics, but is a weakness for that...
  4. vensak

    Entry level bank jobs in Toronto

    please do not call your personal weakness when it comes to jobs a disability. People understand under disability something completely different (for example being blind, deaf, on a wheelchair or have a mental illness). And yes I used a bit extremes, just so it will sink in. On a technical level...
  5. vensak

    Does spouse need an IELTS under Atlantic immigration pilot

    it is not a must, however it is useful to have one later on for Citizenship.
  6. vensak

    Procedural fairness letter for parental sponsorship

    the problem is, that they are assessing his health for 10 year future. If there is a high risk for him to end up on dialysis or kidney transplantation during that time, then they would reject such sponsorship. Medical rejections are in many cases grey areas. However in the case you have...
  7. vensak

    Common law application in Express entry

    however you would have to be separated from your previous spouse in order to begin a common law. If I am not mistaken 1 year separation is required (I might be wrong about amount of the time). Separation is usually living apart (just for simplification). And actually kids from previous...
  8. vensak

    How does Arc works after being deported for overstaying for 4 years.

    Oh yes this can be important, especially if his husband became PR recently. Why? If the relationship was genuine and they were living together, he should have declared common law. Which might have lead to rejection of whole PR process (given her status and not obeying law, which might mean...
  9. vensak

    Sponsoring a family member who may become an illegal immigrant.

    I might backfire in other ways later on (see the answers above). If he does not want just to visit you, tell him no.
  10. vensak

    I have a child who was born in Canada and now i have received an ITA.

    are you an inland applicant (currently in Canada)? if not your child will need a passport to be able to enter Canada.
  11. vensak

    What is best for me?

    one more note, they do not race how prestigious or not your education was as long as it was officially recognized. And for EE there is also no need to match your degree with your current or past work experience (some exceptions apply, like you cannot claim doctor or architect or such work...
  12. vensak

    What is best for me?

    nobody is bashing you that you are starting, Many others did start before you. Few points for you to understand: 1. you can do all immigration process by yourself but you need to read a lot about it. (and since you are maybe the 150 or more person asking the same questions here some people are...
  13. vensak

    Flight attendant applying for citizenship

    you would have to be sent out by Canadian government or army for those days to count towards citizenship. but the good news is, that partial days will count. It is just your application will have a rather long list of trips thats all.
  14. vensak

    Cannot fulfill residency obligations anymore

    ok they do have video surveillence on airports, but it seems that you were lucky. Again best advice is not to try such stupidity again. good luck.
  15. vensak

    Implied status and employer-specific work permit expires, what should I do?

    When it comes to LMIA your future employer has to request it. This is mostly costly and takes long time to accomplish. If you do not need LMIA (special cases listed), you have to apply directly for closed work permit, choosing properly your special group, why you are LMIA exempt.
  16. vensak

    Cannot fulfill residency obligations anymore

    Ok you made yourself a potential big big problem. That answer may have been entered into the system as a comment to your return to Canada. So yes for next 5 years from October 2019 I would not try to renew your PR card if I were you. One of the thing you must mention and prove correctly for your...
  17. vensak

    Previous refugee visa refusal

    ok now when did you realize which type of vise did they apply on your behalf? Unless they have forged your signature you must have signed something (usually application or a certain type of a consent). And also when they asked you to give biometrics, where was supposed to be a letter with that...
  18. vensak

    H&C application for my elderly aunt

    ok lets start with following. As you do have family (your children) you cannot sponsor her under lonely Canadian condition. And unless she did adopt you, you cannot try parents and grand parents program. Now what was the status of your aunt in Canada when she send the application (regardless if...
  19. vensak

    job offer scam

    Noble Energy Corp is Canada’s Energy province. This sentence alone is a dead giveaway of a fake offer. There are provinces and territories, but there is no special class of "Energy provinces" And obviously no province in Canada is called Noble Energy Corp. Really? :D
  20. vensak

    What is best for me?

    Ok, for the starter, do you speak French? As that one might help you despite your temporary visa. Thing is that employers do not really like to invest into somebody that might not be able to stay (because visa). This is generally valid for employers over the world. In Canada they have good...