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    police clearance

    Yes they do
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    Open Work Permit

    You said you wanted to sponsor her under inland, so i'm assuming it spousal-inland sponsorship. So yes she has to be living with you in Canada to qualify form inland sponsorship, and once she is in Canada she has to have valid status to qualify for OWP with the PR application. You can join the...
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    I Not very sure, you might consider the dates entered in the forms (especially for the signatures), i wouldn't submit the same forms if the dates are way past.... You should also check if there are any updated forms etc. What was the reason they returned the application if you dont mind my asking?
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    Non Accompanying Dependent children

    1. You don't pay fees for non-accompanying dependents. (when they are requested to do medicals, then you will have to pay for the medical tests) 2. Only accompanying dependents above age 18 have to fill and sign their own forms. Otherwise its just your spouse
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    Conjugal Sponsorship

    I don't think they have applied yet
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    Conjugal Sponsorship

    You have been living together and your partner is in Canada hence do not qualify for conjugal. However you can apply as common law once you have cohabited for 1 year (you have mentioned that your year of common law will complete soon). As common law partners you will be able to apply for inland...
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    Wife's Open Work Permit Visa Refused

    Perhaps show proof of relationship from before marriage to date. May be Order your notes to understand why the officer felt that your wife does not meet the requirements of a spousal open work permit
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    Open Work Permit

    1. Around 4 months 2. 2 years She needs to have valid status to qualify to apply for owp
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    sometimes additional documents can prolong the application. Try to raise a query via the webform, or call them
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    May be there is something you are entering wrong? (as compared to the application form). Also check the number of defendants.
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    If you have a copy of your application go through it while linking. Make sure the information you enter is exactly as it is on your form (including caps). And under defendants try to put 2 instead of 1
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    You can't have access to gckey if you have a rep. Your rep will have the access and correspondence will be sent to them
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    visitor record extension (Biometric)

    Processing times for online is around 114 days and for paper applications is around 120 days. So you are still within the 'normal' timeframe. All you can do now is wait. But just to be sure, try checking your spam emails. Just a heads up....You might be required to do medicals if you have been...
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    ****January 2020 - Inland Spousal PR + OWP****

    Going to the US to study means you are living Canada for a long period of time which means your application will be treated as abandoned and hence rejected. (You are required to live in Canada with your spouse/partner during the time your application is being processed).People normally take...
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    proof of employment

    It is ok to mention, but what is actually required is to show that the sponsor will return to Canada, and will support the PA
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    proof of employment

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    Inland spouse sponsorship please help

    You should start by reading the guide and going through the checklist (imm5533e), you will get all the info there, including where to get the NOA/Option C, and what to do if the sponsor cannot get/submit NOA
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    Pulling a U-Turn at US border for landing

    it is common yes. you just tell them you are flag visa can search the forum for this
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    Citizen sponsoring spouse leaving Canada after filing application

    You should show intent to return to Canada immediately upon approval. I am not sure about having specific might indicate that should your spouse's PRbe approved months before the mentioned date you won't return to Canada (with her). But at the same time if we concider the processing...
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    This link actually clear states If you apply for permanent residence You need to give biometrics. If you’re between 14 and 79 years old, you need to give your fingerprints and photo for all permanent resident applications, even if you already gave us your biometrics and they’re still valid...