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    Birth certificate and parents marriage certificate from india

    Affidavit is good if they don't have marriage certificate.....done same for my parents .... applied in 2016 January...they got their pr in nov question asked regarding certificate once affidavit was submitted......send me private message I can send u the format .....make sure they...
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    Typing 2015
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    Just an update.....My freind july 8th applicant finally received his landing interview for 7th jan 2016 today via email...DM was on 2nd December .....he is Toronto based
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    around 3 weeks
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants parents landed last month
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    nothing to worry.....mine was cic status changed the day cic dispatched my parents passport......while decision made was around the time we received ppr
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    IRCC Announces changes to the PGP application process for 2017

    what about income requirement r they still be same
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    we received them back in 2 weeks......but hard to tell for sure....its holiday season too...
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    What info does the border have on you?

    i doubt it....worst case cic will send chance her to explain her position.......
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    there is no way to know 100 % sure but i guess if principal applicant is in canada then more chance that visa office will be ottawa....just my 2 cent
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    Parent Sponsorship | Write names in native language

    yes i did wrote with pen this year (2016) and it was problem
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    once cic changed dependent child age 19 to 22 it will apply to all kind of application......thats will be updated in new application once cic upload 2017 package
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    gross income before tax etc
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    unfortunately based on the information you provided you won't be able to sponser your parents till 2019
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    Parent Sponsorship - should I have a co-signer

    you r fine.....he can co-sign your application
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    ok my freind 8th july applicant 2015....they received SA on 23 nov 2016 and AIP 2nd dec 2016...decision made showed on 2nd dec 2015....yesterday they spoke to a very nice agent...who explained to them that everything is clear for them....they pass everything...infact their file was transferred...
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    Small court secret marriage no family or friends

    small ceremony its self is not that big flag if you expalin yourself in cover latter but keeping it secret is defiantly a big flag......once you r married you ahould be living together...declaring yourself as married couple to both side of families and every else......if you r hiding your new...
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    congratulations... yes its passport request for both parents....addressed only to principal submit both passports....we recived same latter.....nothing to worry
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    since dependent age changed to 22 from will it effect applications already in process.....even with the approved applications i guess once parents are here on pr status they can sponser their kids left behind under age 22....just curious....i don't have any family member left behind
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    Use current forms to sponsor parents or when they get update it for 2017 ?

    cic website say 2016 application is available only for reference.......and they will upload new forms befire 3rd jan 2017