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    PR card expiring is student visa required

    RamMur, Your issues/ concerns with the PR Card and its impact on education for your daughter while important are actually secondary to the real problem you face. Your daughter is in breach of her Residence Obligation. CIC/CBSA don't know this yet but maybe next time she shows up in Canada then...
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    Going to U.S 1 week after landing - how to come back?

    TRV = Temporary Resident Visa. Issued to visitors who do not hold a visitor visa exempt passport to Canada. CBSA just need to verify you are a PR and they must admit you as per a Constitutional right. Showing them your landing documents e.g. COPR/ IMM1000 makes this a much easier and more...
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    Maintaining a PR of Canada?

    You can meet the RO in any combination be it staying in Canada for 2 years straight then leaving for 3 years or leaving for 3 years straight then coming back for 2 years straight or any combination of in/out days within the 5 year RO window suiting your personal situation. The key thing to...
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    PR Abandoned..what do I do now?

    1. As far as I can tell some of your family members (You/Spouse) have PR, Some have lost PR after PRTD rejection (your kids) and your failing to appeal and some never held PR (born outside Canada). You are in the same situation as thousands of other PRs that stay outside Canada so long that they...
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    Drunk driving happened in Abroad now Returning back to Canada

    No he won't be denied entry especially as CBSA/CIC won't know about this. CIC does ask about convictions both in Canada and overseas at citizenship application stage. Your friend should immediately seek legal advise on what his charges mean compared to the Canadian Criminal Code (CCC)...
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    Apply For PR WHILE having resdince obligation hearing

    The OPs story is somewhat convoluted. He seems to have applied for a PRTD on grounds of being removed as a minor to Lebanon. The PRTD got bounced and he appealed. Since he had not been in Canada in 365 days prior to the PRTD refusal he is not eligible to be issued a PRTD to attend the appeal in...
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    traveling for pressing emergancy

    In addition to scylla's question do you currently hold a US visa that is valid to at least your proposed return date to Canada? If your answer to the above is that you hold a visit visa exempt passport then fly back to Canada on the strength of this passport and deal with CBSA at the border. If...
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    Apply For PR WHILE having resdince obligation hearing

    1. The document checklist at the end of the PRC renewal application form (which you must include in the submitted application) as well as the Instruction Guide tells you what to submit - basically proof of ID, proof of residence, photos and fee payment. Submit what you have and if you don't have...
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    Umbrella Company/Contract Management companies for Work Permit for a US Client

    If the end user/client is in the US why is this job based in Canada and not the US (where it makes more logical sense) or some other third country say that of your citizenship or long term residence? CIC ain't buying this one.
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    sperm donor

    ;D ;D ;D - I've been on the forum for a while but this has to be the funniest post in my time here. Just for asking I think CIC ought to grant you PR!
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    Urgent -- Visitor extension application, US in CAN

    1. You seem unsure of your circumstances. So you live in the US? What is your status in the US? If you live in the US where does ISIS feature? How long have you been married? Where did you marry? Why haven't you done sponsorship till now? I suggest you head over to the Family Class Sponsorship...
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    Eligibility to get PR for Parents of Canadian child

    Sorry no dice. Your son can sponsor you once he is an adult and earns enough money. This assumes the sponsorship of parents and grandparents under the family class stream will be in existence when he attains this age. You are better off looking at the other forms of getting PR such as through...
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    Should i renew my business/visitor visa or apply for a visitor visa

    You can't renew a visitor visa once its expired. Apply afresh for a new one as per link by scylla.
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    First Time Visa Request

    The main concern of the visa post is that you will go back home after your visit. Travelling to Canada just for a concert is not entirely unusual but its not common. The visa officer will look at your proof of ties and in particular your income levels and determine if in relation to this the...
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    permanent residency obligation

    Your timeline is unusually long given its one year since you returned the requested documents and 18 months since you applied. Based on the little feedback on this forum as to delay reason for PR Card renewals (compared to Citizenship applications where there is more info) it seems most of the...
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    Can a Visitor in United Kingdom Apply for a visit visa for Canada.

    1. She has a valid enough visit reason - she needs to provide proof of relationship so birth certificate of her daughter as well as proof of her daughter's status in Canada (presumably PR/Citizen?) 2. Good that its a year..some visa posts see someone almost at the end of their say UK visit now...
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    Question about a vistor coming back to canada for a visit, UK resident

    Put yourself in the shoes of the CBSA have a person before you at the inspection booth that says they are visiting Canada but actually can be deemed to be living here because they spend more time in Canada than in their home country. This is not the pattern of stay for a bonafide...
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    Urgent -- Visitor extension application, US in CAN

    CIC has a pilot program for Citizens/PRs to sponsor their spouse inland where the spouse is in Canada and has a valid TRV. You can get an approval in principle (AIP) and a work permit in as few as 4 months. Have you looked into this as PR status will get rid of the ongoing 'visitor' visa...
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    Entering Canada with an expired PR card - urgent please help.

    Re: Entering Canada with an expired PR card -Advice You can renew your PR Card if you meet the don't so applying for a PR Card would be a bad idea. CBSA must admit you since PRs have the constitutional right of entry into Canada if they can make it to the border. However CBSA agent...
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    Petitioning New Government to bring back 3 year Residency Requirement etc

    Yeah but it takes you 5 years to get your PR when sponsored as a spouse so it comes it in the wash eh!!