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    When am I a resident for Tax purposes?

    Yes it is.
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    When am I a resident for Tax purposes?

    Because your spouse is in Canada, you are a resident for tax purposes.
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    Will immigration check other partner status before handing out SOWP?

    You have probably been reported for non attendance and your student visa cancelled.
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    Expired pr card and returning to canada

    Where do you get your information from......Briebart?
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    Expired pr card and returning to canada

    Fundamentally wrong on so many levels.
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    How to apply for an Asylum...a dictator from my country wants to end my life

    There is no direct path for a refugee claim in Canada. You either need to leave your home country and apply to be recognized as a refugee by the UNHCR or obtain a visa to enter Canada and claim here.
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    What happens if spouse cant do soft landing!

    If she doesn’t land before the expiry, the COPR becomes invalid. You would have to move to Canada and apply for spousal sponsorship once here. There is no work around.
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    Ran out of space BSF186A

    Print another one.
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    my visa refused but my purpose ,financial, travel histary all clear

    You need to clarify the statement in your title about refugee visa. What do you mean by that?
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    For those countries that don’t allow

    dual citizenship, does IRCC retain the home country passport and return it to the home country or is it left to the applicant to advise their home country embassy/consulate? Is there any Government of Canada notification that goes to the home country of Canadian citizenship?
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    CBSA are not a particularly compassionate organization. The have a job to do and are subject to laws and regulations. Compassion is not part of the requirements, or everyone would get to stay irregardless of the situation. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst...
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    Whether you plead or not, it will be up to CBSA to decide if you stay. You are currently without status in Canada. You can apply for H&C yourself, but I’d strongly recommend a lawyer familiar with the process.
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    Do you have children? Just a heads up that H&C applications won’t stop you being removed from Canada. CBSA can enforce the removal order at any time. The application will continue to be processed in your absence.
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    Canada immigration home visit

    If you’ve applied, you’ve agreed to them scrutinizing your relationship. Nothing more invasive about a home visit than an interview asking about your sex life. And the whole idea would be to show up unannounced......why give questionable applicants time to prepare?
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    Pulling a U-Turn at US border for landing

    Would advise to call the POE first to find out if they have certain hours they process COPRs.
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    Study permit while waiting for removal order

    Certainly up to you whether you apply or not, but as several members have pointed out, success is questionable.
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    procedural fairness / PFL success stories?

    Not true. The procedural requirement is they send out the PFL in any situation where they plan to put a ban in place. IRCC can’t just issue a 5 year ban without offering the opportunity for the applicant to respond to the findings. It IRCCs means of offering due process, otherwise it leaves them...