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  1. Milesthegreat

    March 2018 AOR - join here!

    I can't even begin to imagine the toll the waiting is taking on you. Try writing to the minister. It might help.
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    ***July 2019 eAPR AOR tracking join here***

    Hello, have you already taken the interview?
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    Hello, I hope you see this. What phone number did you use to contact Dakar VO's call centre?
  4. Milesthegreat

    Getting married after PPR

    I'm not sure about your question. If you're asking if a female spouse should redo her passport so as to update it with information that shows she is now married, it is not necessary to the best of my knowledge.
  5. Milesthegreat

    Adding spouse after AOR

    The kit might vary significantly from case to case but in my case, the following were requested off me: 1. Processing fee and Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) for your spouse or CLP 2. A recent photograph of your spouse or common-law partner (CLP) 3. Forms: - Updated Generic...
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    Adding spouse after AOR

    Nope don't know yet. Still to find out. But most probably Dakar VO.
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    Adding spouse after AOR

    They've even responded fast as compared to me. I got married on the 25th of July, raised a CSE on the 29th of July but I'm still to hear from them up till now. I intend calling CIC via google hangouts today. I hope it'll help.
  8. Milesthegreat

    Adding spouse after AOR

    I'm no expert but I think you should simply stick with what they asked you to send. That said however, if you really think it's necessary to add anything, to me you can just add the pictures of the wedding. But again I'm just giving my opinion. When did you raise the CSE and when did CIC send...
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    Thank you >>>>>>>>> Legalfalcon <<<<<<<<<<<

    Thanks so much! What about the part of sending it all at once when raising a CSE?
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    Getting Married after AOR!

    Thanks for the info, I'll appreciate if I can learn more. Can we be in touch via whatsapp? My number: 675835030
  11. Milesthegreat

    Adding spouse after AOR

    Don't lose hope, I am sure you will soon have a favourable response.
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    Thank you >>>>>>>>> Legalfalcon <<<<<<<<<<<

    @legalfalcon FSW-O My Stats - AOR May 2019 - MEP and BIL July 4 2019 - Biomatrics enrolled on July 15 2019 I am getting married on July 26 2019 (next week) :) and I intend to add my spouse to the application. After some research, I found out that the following are requested by CIC after...
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    Adding spouse to PR application post AOR << Please join here >>

    Wow, I can imagine how waiting felt like? Are you CEC or FSW Outland?
  14. Milesthegreat

    Getting married after AoR - add spouse immediately or after PPR?

    Hello, any updates on your status now? I am about getting married and would like to add my spouse.
  15. Milesthegreat

    People who are getting married after eapr converge here

    Hello, I know this is like many years after but it will be really helpful to me if you can post your stats on how you went through with the procedure after adding your spouse. Thanks.
  16. Milesthegreat

    Adding spouse after AOR

    The wait for adding a spouse after AOR seems very long. I shall be getting married on July 26th and intend to add my spouse.
  17. Milesthegreat

    Getting Married after AOR!

    Hello, any news since then? I shall be marrying on the 26th of July. I submitted biometrics on the 15th of July.
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    Hello, have you been able to find a solution? Why don't you try Express Entry instead? I'm from Cameroon too.
  19. Milesthegreat

    Adding spouse after AOR, also got PPR email

    Hello, have you had any update this far? If so, I'm no expert but if I were you, I'll order GCMS notes.