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    Foreign Income not Reported: Is it Problematic

    Then you file a T1 Adjustment with the CRA to report the undeclared income
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    Confusion !! Canada banned flights from India!

    It’s goes by your origin = destination Origin = India Destination = Canada Rules are applicable to you
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    Pregnancy support (Mothers Visa)

    Then you’ll have to do what people have been doing for generations, rely on each other . There’s maternity & parental leave available to BOTH of you so you can spell each other off. You’re having one child, not ten And regardless if you’re not taking outside help , foreigners caring for children...
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    Senior Benefits

    You want to do research online There’s a specific section regarding refugees Refugees are expected to pursue income support through the federal Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP). Any income...
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    Visiting Canada without any money but with full financial support

    I used to work at the airport , it does happen. Individual will be asked about their job, funds to support their stay, length of stay . If they can’t provide sufficient information, they are sent back first available flight . It does happen, more often then not If you suddenly pull your support...
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    Canada bans flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days...

    You do realize that the health insurance provided Is thru a private insurer and not the Government of Canada, correct ?
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    Can canada strict or stop the immigration after 2025-2035 Your Opinion About This

    And people seem to forget that not everyone aka the Voters agree totally on the Government’s policy on immigration. Federally I usually voted Liberal, but NOT this far left Liberal
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    Begin Co-Op employment while waiting for SIN Your key responsibilities Request each new employee's SIN within three (3) days after the day on which their employment begins. Correctly identify employees with the help of pieces of...
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    Canada bans flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days...

    And the band played on aka business as usual And to those that don’t know what that means, google it
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    T4 employers name is wrong,is it a problem ?

    Should not cause a issue . You could ask your employer to file an amended T4 thru web form, or send in an amended paper T4 to a NVCC But if the SIN was correct all should be good. Just advise them to be accurate moving forward
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    Covid Lockdown, Canada Entry Ban & PR obligations !!

    Bit extreme ? You’re kidding , right ? It’s time for people to be held accountable for THEIR decision to leave this country during this bloody pandemic that’s being going on for OVER a year Once again, two things this pandemic has shown time and time again; Individuals have shown to be mind...
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    Sputnik V

    I highly doubt that The border is porous, and the health care system is teetering on collapse , government probably has their hands full with that
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    Is Daycare or Kindergarten mandatory for kids in Canada?

    Years ago in this country there no such thing as kindergarten, daycare etc. Kids reached their sixth year, off to Grade one . Kid was gone , and mothers were extremely happy in getting rid of a kid for part of the day Flash forward, lot of these kids now run corporations. So, each to their own
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    Common-law application rejected because of missing Marriage Certificate?

    Go over that application with a fine tooth comb to make sure you have not done ANY errors, have a friend go over it for any errors . Find none ? Contact your MP
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    Invoice from Lifelabs

    Yes, that’s exactly what they were doing Good grief
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    PR card renewal residency obligation relaxation request emails to MPs and PM

    Lmao. Must have taken a bit of research to come up with that . Touché
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    PR card renewal residency obligation relaxation request emails to MPs and PM

    I’d be more worried about your linguistic capabilities
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    visitor visa work permit new policy

    And you’d have to register with the CRA and get a caregiver payroll account to pay the individual. Pay payroll remittances, issue T4 at the end of the year to the employee