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  1. Harsha009

    COPR and coronavirus

    Hello all Hope you are all doing good in this difficult time . My application is approved on 16th march and it is valid until September 1st 2020 . as per the latest exemption news , it said ,it is valid before the travel ban is announced i.e on 16th . does it mean that 16th march approved...
  2. Harsha009

    Passport stamping delay from Delhi immigration office

    9th of March..I have just written banglore without giving any further details as Im shifting to new place..I hope it'll not be a concern
  3. Harsha009

    Passport stamping delay from Delhi immigration office

    did anyone fill consent forms ? i have filled the forms for me and for spouse at Banglore VFS . in that form, on the address column i have just written as Banglore . did not specity full address . I have opted to collect it from VFS only . I have asked the agent there , he said its okay . is it...
  4. Harsha009

    >>>>>>>OCTOBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Thanks to the Almighty God COPR My timeline: Primary Applicant Ielts: LRWS/ 8,7,7,7 Spouse : 9,9,7,8.5 Primary Applicant ECA: BTech(India)+Post Graduate Diploma(UK) ECA: WES, Canadian equivalent as 4yr- Bachelor and 1 year Post Graduate Diploma Spouse Secondary Applicant ECA: BTech (India)...
  5. Harsha009

    >>> October 2019 AOR - tracking <<<< Join here

    I called CIC today . Not much movement after the first call a month ago . Eligibity is recommended pass Criminality is passed Security not started Info Sharing is completed. VO-Ottawa Oct 17 AOR The agent is reluctant in giving information . he said Eligibility is not passed yet and waiting for...
  6. Harsha009

    >>> October 2019 AOR - tracking <<<< Join here

    My AOR is Oct 17 ..MEP/BIL - Nov 5th Yesterday i have submitted webform about job change and sent reference letter on company letter head . earlier i was unable to get the letter from HR because of their policies . I have taken a letter from my immediate supervisor ,filled all details...
  7. Harsha009

    degee final date

    Hi All im in post ITA phase and filling out forms . my bachelor's degree says march is the final date which is correct . and my pg degree does not have any dates mentioned on the degree certificate nor on the marks sheet . it only has degree issue date .shall i proceed with degree issue date ? i...
  8. Harsha009

    Gift Deed.

    Is it really required for the gift deed to be taken before the actual transfer ? my dad has put the money not at once but in a span of two months he made sure he has deposited the I have taken gift deed after depositing does it look suspicious ?
  9. Harsha009

    PCC in INDIA

    Hi linksarran did it work for you ? I'm in same situation passport and current address are different and I've got my PCC from passport address which is home town .. is it fine ?
  10. Harsha009

    Name affidavit

    gr great ... have you done on any specific name affidavit ? or any affidavit with all relevant info is fine ?
  11. Harsha009

    Name affidavit

    ok thanks .. have you done with your documents submission ?
  12. Harsha009

    Name affidavit

    what did you do in this case ? i have similar issue . i have prepared name affidavit
  13. Harsha009

    Ray of Hope - 125th Draw

    Hi The name on my passport is different from the name on payslips and offer letter the sense like my middle name is Sri and in payslips it is not abbreviated and left only with S .. and one letter is missing from surname it fine ? Or shall I get notarized letter ?
  14. Harsha009

    2171 roles and responsibities

    Hi all could anyone let me know the correct roles and responsibilities that come under 2171 ...will the below be okay? Constantly monitor the SAP system to identify, analyse and resolve functional issues related to SAP FICO and BCM modules on proactive basis. -Analysing and evaluating...
  15. Harsha009

    Ray of Hope - 125th Draw

    Hopefully it should work
  16. Harsha009

    Ray of Hope - 125th Draw

    i have already received ITA on aug 20th . i m getting gift deed done for the amount which will cover my EMI and loans as well . i will prepare loe explaining the excess amount will be paid for loan amount . will that be good enough ?