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    Korean Police Certificate -- ILLEGAL document

    Hi DaryIM, First, congratulations for your approved PR. Could you please help forward those emails to me. My email is Thank so much.
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    Ineligible for FSW? Need Help Please!

    Hi adrianren, Could you please let me know how to claim 2 years studying in Canada to earn 5 points adaptability? I am a third-year Ph.D. student and my profile is ineligible because I cannot claim the 5 point adaptability. Thank for your help.
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    FSWP adaptability points confusion

    I have the same situation and am looking for some advice.
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    How to claim 5 point adaptability for previous study

    Thank hamgha for your quick response. My last 2-year full-time study in Canada is only about the Ph.D. program which is given in the English language. Also I do not need to join ESL or learning English. That means I can say "yes" to the question 4b) Have you earned a Canadian degree, diploma or...
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    How to claim 5 point adaptability for previous study

    Hi everybody, I have been studying Ph.D. program in Canada since January 2017. I know that my express entry profile will be awarded 5 points adaptability for the previous 2-year full-time study in Canada. But I am really confused about how to claim this previous study. I declare the Ph.D...