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    Visa refusal After Aip.

    There is something important that other people are not considering. In the final pages of the ordered GCMS note, there is a note by the visa officer.. can you screenshot the note of the vo
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    VFS Global Notification

    That is a confirmation letter from vfs where. To confirm that your biometrics has been transferred to IRCC. It is neither a positive nor negative indicator for your app
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    Received BVL

    Your file has been decided and you will probably receive a final decision in the next few days. Please keep the forum updated.
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    See LOA; What does it mean in GCMS notes

    If you want people to advice and give you insight. Be open and share your profile. Past education, experience and role, current program, other background profile. If you continue to share details on the surface, no one will be able to give you an insight
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    4 time canada rejection

    First thing to do my friend, get your GCMS note. That is the only way you can know all the reasons why your are rejected. Stop applying blindly, you may end up weakening your profile. As the decision is always yours, good luck.
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    I got aip and but needs other requirements

    How did they asked for new loa, did they send you a message through your gckey
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    student permit

    Does that mean you have been denied only on insufficient financial, all the time.
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    I got rejected after AIP, on eligbility reasons.

    No one should believe this story and timeline, unless you showed screenshots
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    received passport request as shown in GCMS notes

    Good job for sharing the note
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    received passport request as shown in GCMS notes

    No one is asking anybody to post their personal details. Just a screenshot of the gcms note. Blank out your details, upload the screenshots on cloud and share the link
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    received passport request as shown in GCMS notes

    Why not show us a screenshot of the game note
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    I'm expecting a rain of ppr in the coming week (Aip received folks)

    Majority of people with visa, prior to March have already entered Canada. Only few people choosed not to travel. That means, the influx international students who will be entering Canada in the coming days or months are people whom will be approved in the coming days.
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    Study Permit Challenges for Nigerian Applicants

    Your application has been finalized. If you do not have medical request or AIP, you can only expect a miracle. Best of luck to you
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    Questions on GCMS notes.

    Show a screenshot for the forum to see. Blank out your personal details
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    Do not COMPLAIN or ask for new UPDATE

    If youhave submitted your study visa and didn't get updated or you don't know what is going on. There is no point complaining or asking for update, because, honestly nobody knows. The solution is, order your GCMS and share with the forum. So guys, have you ordered or received your GCMS...
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    Is it signal of stage 2 process?

    If the OP is sure that the letter is truly BVL, after having received an AIP, then that is a good news as per the commencement of stage 2 processing. Now, keep the house informed, which could try did you applied from? Do you received AIP in GC key? All things being equal, you will get final...
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    Gotten Medica Request and AIP. But worried after deffer to Winter

    Hi everyone, I am so worried about my circumstances as regard the study permit application. I have submitted since May, and I have gotten medical request from IRCC. I also got AIP since August. But I deffered my admission to Winter 2021 from fall 2020 and I just received the new LOA. I'm so...
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    Received aip is real or fake?

    Oh okay. I guess as much. Maybe the OP removed the message. Thanks for replying anyways