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    University of Winnipeg

    What was your application timeline
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    I got my visa approved and stamped on my passport for Feb 2021 program but I now want to defer my studies to Fall Term 2021

    You can defer but you will need to send the new LOA to IRCC through web form
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    Study Permit Challenges for Nigerian Applicants

    What's your timeline? Congratulations!!!
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    University of Winnipeg - Jan 2021 intake students

    Application: 20/06/2020 Biometrics: from last visitor visa approval. Offer for Winter semester, but I had to defer as the permit has not been approved yet
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    PGWP Refusal

    How is the reconsideration done?
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    Winnipeg bound 2021 connect here

    What course are you studying? Am going for Project Management
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    Winnipeg bound 2021 connect here

    D Do you have your permits approved?
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    Landed and in Quarantine

    What was the cost of the university package?
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    Student Visa Validity

    Check your visa, there is normally a deadline date to enter the country before it revoked.
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    What level
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    what does recommended interview mean???

    what was the reason for the change when you got the GCMS notes
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    Got my student visa after 3 refusals !

    How much proof of funds did you show on the final application? And what did you show as home ties?
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    Got 3 years pgwp after one year certification

    It will be good to speak to your classmate to understand what he did differently
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    Landed and in Quarantine

    Did the university offer you a quarantine package? How much was it
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    Study Permit Application in Saudi Arabia for January 2021

    You had visit visa to Canada and visited 2 times in last three years? Request for GCMS notes, it will give clarity on the two points