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    SINP: Employment Offer. NOC 0, A, B does not require IELTS ?

    Hello all, I have 10 year experience in hospitality sector. I am director of a hotel in Vietnam. I got interview and accepted by a hotel owner in Regina, Saskatchewan. According to my immigration agent, they said my NOC is 0, so i don't need to submit IELTS. But, from what i read on the SINP...
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    ***August 2019 AOR Tracking - join here***

    Hi Mr. Fabrizio, Can you guide me how to call IRCC ? Thank you ! My e-AOR is 21 Aug. The time processing bar went over the estimated completion date 2 weeks ago and nothing changed. I start worrying.
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    >>>>>>>>AUGUST 2019 AOR<<<<<<<-----Join here

    Hi Sp15, Who did you call to get updated on your Eligibility/Background/Security ? Agent or IRCC ? My AOR is 21 Aug, time processing bar reached 100% 14 days ago but nothing changed yet. If anyone know how to call IRCC, please feel free to educate me. Thank you!