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    WES - ECA (2019)

    Hi Guys, I am filling the WES application and confused with the Institution Field? Should I write the name of the college or the name of the university (my university has multiple colleges under it) I would really appreciate any suggestions.
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    ECA from WES - Latest Change 2019

    Hello Guys! I have a few queries regarding ECA from WES. Any help would be highly appreciated. 1. For having ECA of Master of Technology degree, is it necessary to add another credential of Bachelor's degree while filling WES application. 2. Is it required to have ECA of Bachelor’s degree also...
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    WES - ECA of Master's degree - 2019

    Hello Guys, I have few queries regarding ECA from WES. Any help will be highly appreciated. 1. Is it okay to send only M.Tech transcript (which is the highest level of education) to WES for verification? Or must the Bachelor’s transcript also be sent for verification to WES? After a recent...