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    Just starting out!

    Meet him at the border and cross together
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    Staying in Canada

    From what I read everywhere, this pertains to non-visa countries, you are allowed to stay for up to 6 months, then either return to your country or extend your visa. If you return to your country then you need to stay there for at least 6 months before returning back to Canada. DG
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    Venezuelan spouse sponsorship

    Re: Spouse sponsorship It's faster to apply out of country. You can get a visitor visa but you can't work untill the PR is final.
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    Tamee got request for passport?

    TJ Have you heard any news about your case? I know it is getting close? DG
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    landing question

    Thanks Tamee, I have been following your case, and it seemed to go rather smoothly, I hope mine goes as smooth. We will be sending in the paperwork the end of May. I also have followed it on trackitt also. congrats on your news!!!! DG
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    just wondering

    Why would it be extremly hard to leave and re-enter, if she has passport and letters stateing that she is comeing back to the states...example: round trip tickets and letter from employer stateing what day she is to return to work? I plan on visiting my husband once the paperwork is in process...
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    landing question

    Why do they ask for passport information? and do they keep the passports or do you send in copies? Also tamee, where is your spouse orginally from? example....UK or United States ect.....
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    PR update

    TJ Sounds like you are almost there, I'm praying that you get your approval soon. I bookmarked the other site also, it's very encourgeing to have. Keep me Informed ok? DG
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    To: Webmaster (moderator), re: TaaDow

    Re: To: Wemaster (moderator), re: TaaDow I also appreicated all the advice from Taadow and i'm very sad that he is now gone. He helped me alot on my questions that I had/have. DG
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    To: Webmaster (moderator), re: TaaDow

    Re: To: Wemaster (moderator), re: TaaDow LOL!!!!!!!!!! Tamee you are too funny!!
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    Previous experience?

    TJ I'm sooooooooooo excited for you and your wife, I wish you both all the luck in the world. I'm glad your application experience has went rather smoothly. I'm hopeing mine will go as smooth as well. DG
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    Previous experience?

    TJ Thanks so much for you input, and I appreicat all your expierance in this. Have you found out anything on your status? DG
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    Previous experience?

    PMM thanks for your response, that's great news and save's me and my husband $150.00 DG
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    Decision Made

    Got Please keep us posted, I'm sure everything is ok, maybe it's good news and the decision was made in your favor w/o a new medical, you have already been thru all the process, I'll pray for you. good luck and try not to worry. DG Also, I have a question, If you are married and they give you...
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    Previous experience?

    TJ I found the forms, but i'm a bit confused. I thought that once you receive your PR status that you automaticaly get a open work visa. Is this wrong? I'm going to fill out the forms and send them in along with my PR application and the additional $150.00. It also states on there that you need...
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    filling out open work permit

    As I read this, it is for an extended stay IN CANADA application. As I noted I'm applying from OUTSIDE CANADA. Do I still need to fill out this paperwork? I do want to be able to work once my application for PR is accepted and issued from OUTSIDE CANADA. DG
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    Previous experience?

    TJL Did you fill out a form for a "Open Work Permit"? I saw that a person had a question about that and I never seen a form for an open work permit. If you did can you tell me where you got the form from? I don't see it on the cic web site. Thanks DG
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    filling out open work permit

    or is that for just in-canada applications? I'm being sponsored from outside canada. DG
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    filling out open work permit

    I did not see that application on the cic website, am i missing something? do I need to fill that out also, I'm being sponsored by my husband, and I want an open work permit also. Where did you find that form? DG
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    Love at First Sight ...Married in one month is it too soon to sponsor?

    Go to the cic website and read download the information, they are very helpful and informative, they also have a guide that will help you. DG