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    US citizen marrying Canadian in April, moving in June--a few questions

    congrats on ur wedding and ur PR adventure, good luck, im sure you will sail thru smoothly ;D
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    US citizen marrying Canadian in April, moving in June--a few questions

    paperwork was sent in, my husband had been approved to sponsor, we received the letter saying he was approved, our application had already been sent in and was in buffalo when i came to canada, i only brought clothes, a tv and a few of the kids toys. like i said in the other post, each...
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    US citizen marrying Canadian in April, moving in June--a few questions

    i dont know all the technicals, but you will not be able to move with a uhaul to canada before your PR is completed. they will turn you around at the border and refuse you entry and then you will not be able to even come to visit. i put my stuff in storage until i was approved and ready to land...
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    Can my wife enter Canada while PR is being processed?

    yes she can, i came to live with my husband while my pr was still in process, get the border people to stamp her passport, take all your correspondance from immigration(especially the letter stating ur approved to sponsor would help if u had that by then) every experience is different, my...
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    Work or get married first???

    1) you cant get a job without a SIN# and you cant get one of those without being a Perm Res or having a work visa, that said you would need to apply for skilled worker or get a work permit, which you need a job offer from a canadian employer( very hard to get) 2) if you marry first i would...
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    trying to obtain canadian drivers license while on work permit

    you realize though, when he obtains a DL from canada they take his old DL and return it to the country in which it was obtained. He will also need proof how long he has been a valid driver, which if it shows the date on hi DL then its ok, if not he will have to send away for a driver record. I...
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    Scared to Make the Move

    i totally agree with this, every person in every relationship have to give and get. U shouldnt give up ur dreams and great job if u dont really want to just to move to another country cos ur wife misses her family. we all miss our families after we immigrate. But we cant just give everything up...
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    FBI fingers prints? (ASAP please)

    i went to the state police (local didnt have the cards) and they did my fingerprints and i got 3 copies, sent them off and they were accepted.
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    Moving to Canada while outside sponsorship is being processed

    have your wife tell the io at the border she wants you to visit while the application in process, it helps if you have receipts and any letters from buffalo to show them, if u get ur passport stamped then u can extend ur stay by applying and paying a fee.
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    Steps for getting Social Ins Number and registered for health care?

    ur passport and CoPR are enough to get SIN number, health care is differnet from province to province, in on tario u need passport, copr or pr card, and apiece of mail with ur name and addy on it, mail including hydro or cable bill, lease agreement, or something else on the apporved list. not...
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    Canadian wants to sponsor wife but.....

    it would be HER dependent and would go on her application. i would do number one if you plan on the child eventually comming to canada. but if you can not get the custody paper allowing her to bring him to canada then u need to do number 2.
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    Canadian sponsoring American

    from the time mississauga got my application til the time i got PPR is was 4 and a half months.and yes im living in ontario.
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    AOR - Wording of the AOR letter!

    not everyone gets an AOR
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    Canadian wants to sponsor wife but.....

    if she is your wife then you can put her son on the aplication with her as long as he meets the dependant requirements wether or not he is comming with her at the time doesnt matter. read the dependant specifications and see if he qualifies, also he will need a med exam as well and you will have...
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    AOR - Wording of the AOR letter!

    i landed on saturday april 19 :D
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    Canadian sponsoring American

    you cant OFFICIALLY move to canada until you get PR, but my husband came down to virginia to get us and together my husband, me and my 3 kids left virginia to canada to wait out the processing of our application. once we got to the border my husband told the IO where every one was from and said...
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    Canadian sponsoring American

    i too am from the US and my husband is canadian, i was living in the states until march and i came to wait out our application process with my husband here in canada. wasnt a problem, we had proof we pair the fees and had an application in process.
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    Who can sponsor??

    your parents can not sponsor him, but you can as long as you are not in banckruptcy and you are not on social assistance. If you are anywhere other than quebec then you are exempt from the financial requirements as practioner stated.
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    Sponsoring wife from USA

    fill out your part have her fill out her part gather the evidence, get ur fbi and state clearance, do the medicals and pay your fees, then send both parts of the...
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    Medical insurance needed at landing?

    i just landed saturday and there was no question on wether or not i had insurance until i get ohip.