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  1. Arod

    Upfront medical exams are cancelled

    Nevermind, his appointment got cancelled two days before it was supposed to take place.
  2. Arod

    Ray of Hope - 141st Draw

    With all due respect, this kind of people make me sick. You do realize that you might be taking the spot of someone who does wish to settle in Canada for good? If you really want to move to Trumpland because you are an extremely gullible person and believe everything you see in Hollywood, then...
  3. Arod

    Upfront medical exams are cancelled

    Are you guys sure that the medicals have been cancelled? Someone I know got his ITA a few days ago and was able to schedule an appointment for this week. He lives in the GTA.
  4. Arod

    Canadian PR for US Green Card Holder

    It's funny how in the 21st century there is still people that believe the US is the land of milk and honey.
  5. Arod

    Should I wait or should I apply for PR now?

    First at all, it is good that you seem to have a plan, but make sure you take one step at the time, otherwise you will feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do. 416 won't get you anywhere unless you get a PNP nomination, which is uncertain. Your fastest path is to finish learning...
  6. Arod

    Ray of Hope - 133rd Draw

    I've been to Canada for about 6 months now and I have met people from places such as Spain, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, UK and other non-troubled countries. They all agree on one thing, their life conditions are better here than in their countries of origin. Many people who lived in the US are...
  7. Arod

    Ray of Hope - 133rd Draw

    You guys should sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas and New Year's Eve. Most Canadians are now focused on the Holiday season, draws are not a priority at this time of the year.
  8. Arod

    Is Canada Worth It

    It is pretty clear that your husband is not and will probably never be convinced of coming here. And that is OK, the last thing Canada needs is more whining immigrants complaining because things are not going their way.
  9. Arod

    Ray of Hope - 132nd Draw

    The timing is terrible as the Holiday season is right around the corner. Unless there is a Back to Back draw in December, we could potentially be looking at a 485-490 cutoff in January.
  10. Arod

    Car loan in Proof of Funds

    Hi, sorry I didn't reply until now. I don't visit the forum as much as I used to anymore. Nothing happened, I received my PR and I'm happily living in Canada now. My case took longer than expected, 8.5 months instead of the 6 months they promise, but everything else went fine.
  11. Arod

    ****August 2019 - Inland Spousal PR + OWP****

    I sent the application for my wife on August 18th through Canada Post and still no AOR. I tried calling IRCC but it seems I need the application number before talking to an agent, which of course I don't have. Tried linking my application as well. Nothing was found. Not sure what to do.
  12. Arod

    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Landed: February 14th at Pearson Ghost update: March 15th Approved: March 19th
  13. Arod

    Landing at Pearson International: SIN

    There is an office but be aware that the office might be closed or the system might be down. In that case you would need to find an office in the city, they are everywhere.
  14. Arod

    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    I have the same question. In my case they stamped the photo without the details to the COPR, which is the same photo the immigration officer took during my Landing. How will they know if it was taken less than 6 months ago?
  15. Arod

    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    So guys, based on what I read in this thread pretty much everyone gets a photo resubmission request?
  16. Arod

    Landing Experience at Toronto Pearson - February 2019

    Thanks for telling us your experience. I also did a soft landing in February and cannot wait to go back for good now. I also got the red bag with the Welcome to Canada book, very interesting and useful so I suggest you read it when you can.;)
  17. Arod

    June 2018 AOR - join here

    You'll get it sooner or later chamo, it took almost 10 months for me but I finally got it.;)
  18. Arod

    Best way to get the PR? Studying or applying in home country?

    Not sure about the first two options, but if you want to apply to PR from your home country these would be my recommendations: Improve your English skills and try to take as many practice IELTS tests as you can before taking the actual test. See what your results are, don't take the test until...
  19. Arod

    June 2018 AOR - join here

    No. Review Required for POF.
  20. Arod

    June 2018 AOR - join here

    Passport received today. My timeline (from what I can recall): AOR: March 14th (Yeap, I'm another intruder in the June thread) Medicals passed: Around March 20th IP2: August 8th Decision made: November 5th PPR: December 31st from NDVO Passport submitted to VFS: January 3rd Passport received at...