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    >>>>>>>DECEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Does anybody get ghost updates? I haven't called IRCC yet, don't know what stage my file is at. However, i did receive profile update e-mail on the same date biometrics were requested (Jan 17) Last week (or yesterday Apr 1st - did not check profile in a week until yesterday) and today i saw...
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    Ghost update question

    it still shows processing nothing seems to be changing in the profile
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    Ghost update question
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    Ghost update question

    thank you for the reply. i've got another ghost update today. hoping for the good news.
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    Ghost update question

    Dear forum users, I have my AOR on Dec 27, meds passed on Jan 17 and biometrics done on Jan 20. Today on Apr 1 (or mb this week) i have received a Ghost update. I check my profile weekly. Any idea if it's GH1 or GH2? I never received Ghost update after passing Medicals and biometrics (at...
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    Online study due covid-19

    You will get points when you have canadian diploma
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    Gift deed

    If it stays in the bank during past 6 months, there is no need to provide gift deed
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    Ray of Hope - 141st Draw

    They extended the time to submit your documents for 90 days. I believe you have to wait till the quarantine is over. Hope it is done by this time.
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    Ray of Hope - 141st Draw

    Lol. Are you kidding me? Next draw is in a week's time
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    ielts exam postponed

    Nothing much you can do at this point. Wait to take your ielts. The system won't allow you to register for the pool.
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    Ray of Hope - 139th Draw

    Withdrawing their profile woud mean there is chance he miss a draw by a cut-off in the future. It's logical to always stay in the pool.
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    Ray of Hope - 139th Draw

    I understand your frustration. I believe the CIC is just following their plan. They invite as many people as they can process in their respective timelines. Should they invite more people each draw, they will be creating the backlog of people waiting for PPR. All the speculation here about CIC...
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    Ray of Hope - 139th Draw

    Come back in 2 years brother. If you are not planning to immigrate this year you better not lose your time sticking around here.
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    Ray of Hope - 139th Draw

    Why would they care about dropping or increasing CRS point level? The only thing they care about is to invite and process their targeted number of immigrants which for the year of 2020 is just below 90,000 people. This does not mean 90,000 ITAs per year because many applicants come with their...
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    h1b visa is to be cancelled, waiting for ppr

    Hi forum users, This is not much related to Canadian PR, but want to see if someone can help. I have my H1B visa approved and already stamped visa in my passport. However, the fact that I received my ITA and waiting for PPR, and the US job offer being just above the minimal wage I decided to...
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    December 2019 AOR >>> Join here

    How do you know your visa office? Do i need to call IRCC? My AOR is Dec 27th, Biometrics - Jan 20, 2020
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    Ray of Hope - 138th Draw

    I don't think the score will drop down this far. Considering the number of people getting Canadian exp after PGWP, good english, Canadian education. You either go for French or look for other programs besides EE.
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    Moving to diff country after AOR

    Hello, Would be grateful if anyone could answer. I reside in country A which I am also a citizen of. I have submitted my documents, AOR on December 27th. I have also gave my biometrics on January 16. Now, i have h1b approved and a job waiting for me in the USA. I understand that i need to...
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    Proof of funds, in cash?

    I believe there must be some way the CIC can check it what you said is true. The only way doing it to have the funds in some kind of legal entity. I would risk and deposit the money with writing a gift deed from a family member. Once you submit the paperwork, pull the funds out to be on the...
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    Ray of Hope - 136th Draw

    Sit for another IELTS to max out at CLB10. Learning French will take some of your time and also the exam will cost you as much as another IELTS. At 469 you will get better chance throughout the year. As for who should take the exam depends on your or your wife's ability to score better. Just...