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  1. michel_hammamet

    Tracking you PR application with CIC account

    I found on this forum that we can link our PR application to the CIC account. It is much better than ECAS as we can really track every step of all checks and stuff Here is the link for info: But Quebec is available on Aug 18...
  2. michel_hammamet

    ECAS status tracking -Quebec federals only

    This is a thread for ECAS updates for federal stage of Quebec applicants. I have read other threads on this forum about ECAS status and I find them really informative and useful when it comes to interpreting the actual stage of our federal path. Please stick to the pattern and join the club...
  3. michel_hammamet

    Spouse add after vsa issuance but before landing

    Dear friends, I have a problem. I have a boyfriend, but we do not live together. We live in different countries. We have met several times and we would like to marry soon in Denmark to get a marriage certificate as it is the only country where we can get legal marriage. I am in the middle of...
  4. michel_hammamet

    Same-sex conjugal partner add to PR application after visa issued

    Dear friends, Please answer who knows: 1. Can I add my same-sex CONJUGAL partner after the resident visa issued and what procedures I will have to go through. I read somewhere that there is a medical check, police certificates and they issue him the visa too. Or am I wrong? 2. I did not...
  5. michel_hammamet

    PR security passed after US and UK visa refusals and other countries blacklist

    I am just wondering if there is anyone here who got their PRs after bad visa refusals on the grounds of misrepresentation or any blacklist. Please report back and share, please.
  6. michel_hammamet

    ONTARIO PNP - EOI letter and docs to send

    Dear OINP forum members, help. I have 2 questions. 1. Should I send job references from the jobs in the past 5 years or more. I have work experience for more than 10 yrs and I did not really understand it from the Guide. 2. What should we do after EOI? They say that we should contact them...
  7. michel_hammamet

    New Brunswick Information Session in Europe - France + Switzerland

    Dear friends. I am thinking about participating in one of the upcoming sessions in Europe for NB, but still hesitant about the worthiness of it. For submitting EOI, it is one of the conditions to receive an ITA. But the question if it is worth a deal to pay much to go there and what the chances...