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  1. raviG

    Feb 16 Exam - Bangalore

    I have my exams on Feb 16 (R/W/L) and speaking exam on Feb 15 in Bangalore. Any one from Bangalore taking exam ? we can catch up or interested to do practice test on speaking ? Both exams are scheduled in 3 star Hotel, i am not sure whether they will provide headphone for listening exam. I hope...
  2. raviG

    Share your WES timelines for 2017

    I had applied WES for ECA evaluation recently. Just wanted to know how the timelines for WES in 2017. I do see lot of threads for the same, but those are old (2014,2016).Can you people share your WES timelines ? I am from India (Bangalore) and got all the transcripts signed from bangalore...
  3. raviG

    Need Guidance for EE

    Hi forum members, I just started with planning for EE Visa. I am going through with process and requirements. I found one of the thread("Express Entry in a nutshell") has very good detailed information. Earlier i was thinking to go with consultants, after reading other threads i felt it's...